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  1. ATI comprehensive RN Exit

    I passed with an 84% raw score=99% predictor of passing the NCLEX. BSN Secured 😀 🧠 I also never used the pink ATI book that everyone praised, I felt like the chapters were too long and it was super vague. Instead I used my cathy parkes flash ca...
  2. ATI comprehensive RN Exit

    Still got about 8 weeks before the real one and want to be prepared since I got a 65.3% on the first practice.
  3. So I Recently took the nclex and passed. I graduated in the end of 2013, took my first nclex in may/14 and Failed (at 112? questions). This obviously crushed me, since I was a pretty good student throughout nursing school. I sort of lost confidence, ...
  4. Did I pass or not yet?

    I took my nclex a week ago and today I got mail about "initial licensing information", saying "Congratulations! You have met the requirements for licensure as a vocational nurse or Psychiatric Technician. PLEASE BE AWARE THAT YOU CANNOT WORK AS A LIC...

    just wondering when you check the pvt are you supposed to say you've taken the nclex before, when filling out the yes/no questions (even though its my first time)

    Congrats! did you get alot of Select all that apply? I just took my nclex as well one hour ago and it stopped at 107 questions, I was wondering how you checked if you passed or not? I remember there was a thread here fromt california ...
  7. Maternity and Nclex?

    So I ran out of time to study, I am taking the nclex pn in about 3 days. I know very well med surg and some peds. But maternity is my weakest point. I have barely started the chapter last night. Is there certain topics in maternity I should spend mor...
  8. Taking my NCLEX-PN tomorrow!

    I might be wrong, and this is a small world but are you the dude from the 370z forums?
  9. Beyond depressed. I failed

    Don't be discouraged, Look at the other posts on this nclex section. Almost every other thread is about someone taking it the 2nd or 3rd time. Take a break, read some quotes, hang out with friends and take your mind off it. It may be hard but definit...
  10. Nclex Tomorrow

    Congrats , What were the drag and drop questions (im guessing cardio related?), Did they have both drug names (trade name?), Just wondering, were the questions short like 1-2 sentences or was there a paragraph where you read and they gave you 5 quest...
  11. 35 page study guide

    you probably talking about this: ill post it on here in case anyone else wants it
  12. chest tube drainage questions nclex pn

    I dont think there is much to know about a chest tube. As far as I remember, you WANT the bubbles, if it stops then thats a problem. Check for kinks. If the chest tube comes off the patient then you should place it in 2cm of saline/water(i cant remem...
  13. Took nclex and got the good pop up!!!

  14. Taking my NCLEX-PN tomorrow!

    I know alot about med surg and safety, but peds and maternity is my weakest point.
  15. Taking my NCLEX-PN tomorrow!

    Congrats, can you recall what type of questions you had? select all that apply? were they just safety related or disease related (check all the symptoms of a disease), any math questions, listening to lung sounds?