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I recently applied for an RN position out of state. After less than 8hrs of applying I got a call from the nurse recruiter asking for an interview. I was so excited. I spent whatever little money I had bought a ticket and went to... Read More

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    Funny, when I stopped putting "Caucasian" on my applications I started getting jobs. I'm one of 2 white girls on my floor, and one of 4 in my MSN program (my cohort has about 40 people). It can work both ways...
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    Highly doubt it was race. When I first graduated last year, I interviewed for a job in urgent care- went to the clinic directly and gave my resume to the manager because I was getting nowhere with the recruiters. I had only intended to give her my resume- I didn't expect to be interviewed right there and then. She pretty much told me I had the job. All she had to do was just call HR and tell the recruiter to pull up my online application so I was in the system.

    Well, imagine my surprise the next day when I got a VERY nasty call from the recruiter telling me that all new grads had to go through a new grad residency, and how dare I walk into the clinic and "demand" an interview when the manager "has a buisness to run" (remember, I didn't demand a thing...) and furthermore I "will NOT be considered for this job" and boy did she ever tell me! Woo! So I called the nurse manager and apparently she had gotten ripped a new one from this recruiter too. So...sometimes it just isn't meant to be. Oh and I had another job interview awhile down the line that I thought I was going to get too but never did- did I mention I was pregnant? I had 2 interviews total the summer and fall after I graduated-one was denied me because...well, I guess the recruiter didn't like not being the gatekeeper and the second one I can guarentee WAS discrimination because I was 23 weeks pregnant, when I interviewed...and I ventured that information out too (I was at that weird point, I looked like I either just had a baby or was going to...or just had a big gut ) and I sort of expected it.

    A year later and I have a job now, I'm happy as can be, and I think I'm better off than if I had the clinic job or the other one (which was a phone triage job). So no, I really doubt it was your skin color, sometimes the nurse manager really just kind of does what HR tells them to do.
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    Thanks everyone for your input.Since the nurse manager told me she was still interviewing I decided to call her back one last time. She told me she made her decision, to disregard HR's e-mail of rejection & HR will call me. Few days later, HR(same nurse recruiter) called to offer me the job.She was as cold as could be & said she doesn't recall sending me the rejection letter( yeah right, she typed my name there). Now I'm not as excited as I was before about the job. I'm doubting everything from the salary(low),relocation, bad taste in my mouth. I also realize that as a new grad I need to start somewhere even if the pay is not ideal. I'm so confused
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    Quote from aubrn
    funny, i think the same thing happened to me and from the other new hires i can probably prove but whats the use. mine was the nurse manager, she looked at me and decided. i know it. funny also, i asked in another question about the constructive criticism thing. i see from your experience, it seems like something i should do for sure.

    sure i think you could be totally right. nursing seems so catty to me. i have heard that nurses do not like hiring other nurses that are good looking. i try to dull down my looks for interviews but its hard to do because i fear all kinds of judgment.

    i had an interview on a floor that every nurse had a european accent, and the supervisor was the same with the accent.

    stupid skin color, come on already. we are preached to have equality, but every form i fill out that is important has the question caucasian (white written next to it) what is white? then african american (black written next to it) what is black? i am not white, i am german with very dark features.....i am olive.
    there are lots of reasons why hr might have rejected the op before the nurse manager made a decision. maybe all of the other candidates had experience, were from a nursing school associated with the hospital or were internal transfers. maybe the hr recruiter sent the letter by accident. the only way you'd know for sure is to ask hr. and it could be that the nurse manager actually made the decision but wasn't willing to admit it on the phone. perhaps you look just like her sister-in-law or her first husband's second wife.

    if the good looking thing were true, i'd work with a much less attractive crowd. hiring by pulchritude rather than aptitude is a good excuse for folks who don't want to admit they weren't hired for less complimentary reasons.

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