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Hello, all. I may be jumping the gun on this, but I'm going to graduate in 3 months and still have no idea where I want to work. Is that really bad? I'm kind of interested in NICU but I've been told... Read More

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    I did a work-study program through a hospital so they are obligated to hire me which is pretty freakin' nice because I know it is difficult for new grads to get jobs let alone the ones they were wanting. That being said, I still have to find an open position that will take me which may very well be med-surg *cringe*

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    It's different for everyone. I was willing to take whatever job was tossed my way, but I got a position in the ED right out of school, which is what I wanted. And I'm doing very well so far. I like the fast pace, and I like the fact that everyday is different. I have a classmate that is also in the same department as myself, and she cries almost everyday when she leaves. I generally look forward to work, she dreads it. On the flip side, I would freak out working in the NICU (my hospital does hire new grads into their NICU). Good luck!

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