Worst start ever

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    So I woke up and went downstairs to walk out in the beautiful morning sun. As my toes fanned out and my feet relaxed on the freshly mowed grass, birds sang and a slight breeze moved my hair. As I looked around, something looked amiss. As I proceeded to investigate, I FOUND THIS

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    Apparently, my father-in-law swiped my bumper pulling out of the driveway, and now I am late to work!

    Hopefully I won't walk into a crapshoot again today at work. Last shift I got a GCS of 3, intubated and unresponsive, occasionally seizing patient, after 4 hours of working on her we found a 30-40% massive infarct on right hemisphere with a thoracic aortic dissection. It was intense, she was the most unstable patient I have had in a long time.

    What is your worst start to a shift?
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    My worst start to a shift has been the following: I took a benadryl for sleep, then I overslept, got to work 5 minutes late, still in my benadryl hangover after two cups of coffee and was told this: there is a trauma here now and you are the first circulator. Put your stuff up and run over there now! Then I literally ran to the trauma bay with my coat still on, put on trauma gear over my coat and damn near baked to death from the sweat that was pouring out of me.
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    You must live in my neck of the woods. At least the weather has been gorgeous the last few days!
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    I don't feel sorry for you-walking outside in the sun in barefeet in Feb...Bully for you! Seriously-he did a job on you car-ouch.One moring I walked outside and tripped and fell flat out face down in the md-didn't put my arms out to stop myself because I had my coffee in one hand and my bag in the other.I was covered with mud and late to work because I had to change everything from my socks and unders on out-that afternoon my family escorted me outside to see the divots by boobs made as I fell and slid.Who knows what I walked into at work on that day-it's all the same .....choking,falling over,hitting,pinching,spitting,food fights and family members freaking out over mom's hair or missing $10.00 watch.It's a dementia unit.
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    Worst start to a shift...well that would be this past Saturday. I live in CT and got slammed with 36 inches of snow plus snow drifts 5 ft high and winds 50+mph. Yeah, that really was the worst way to start a shift!

    Not feeling bad for the OP with his/her toes in the freshly cut grass, with birds singing and a slight breeze blowing through their hair! (just kidding, having your car wrecked does tend to suck the happiness out of a person).
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    Walked out of the house early one morning, got in the car, shut the door, started car, drove out of the driveway, attempted to take a sip of coffee but apparently thought my boobs and lap needed the coffee more than I did. *Sigh* Yes. I was late for work
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    Mine was the time I walked into the room of two female patients, tripped over one's catheter tubing, and then proceeded to drop a custard down the side of the other's bed. I opened the door to the nurse's cabinet to get a towel to clean up the mess I'd made, and about 50 little paper cups fell on my head. Then when I stood up, I forgot the door was still open and SMACK! went my head, and I sprawled on the floor! About that time I had two VERY concerned-looking ladies peering over the counter at me and asking me if I needed help......and I was supposed to be taking care of them??!
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    I don't have worse start ever, but I have the worse end ever...for me anyway. I went to leave from an early shift at the hospital (when I was working as a pharmacy tech), the day had gone pretty fast and smooth, but I was exhausted! Couldn't wait to get home. Low and behold, when I get to my car, I realize someone had...instead of put their car in reverse, lurched forward and slammed into the front of my car! They must have had a lead foot too, because it was enough to make the whole front bumper come off! To make things worse...the guy was no where to be seen, did not leave any information, and of course, there is no security cameras on that side of the parking lot...Someone, somewhere out there owes me a good chunk of money for that bumper...
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    My worst morning? Woke up late, was supposed to be to work at 0545 and woke up at 0550. Clothes were still wet in the dryer, couldn't find my car keys. Found the car keys and the locks were frozen shut.

    I the proceeded to hit every red light on my way, dropped a lit cigarette in my lap and left my badge at home. Got to work and realized I hadn't put deodorant on.

    Needless to say it was all kinda down hill from there.
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    Got a call to see a home care patient 45 miles from my home. Went out to my car and my driver's side window had been destroyed. Arrggh! Luckily, the local auto glass place was still open, and they were able to help me out right away. Still needed to see the patient. By that time, I had received 2 other calls. 150 miles later, my day finally ended.

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