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I almost died today. A man comes into my busy level 1 trauma center with ALOC and no known cause. The sister says he has had a fever for the last couple of days and developed hives yesterday. The... Read More

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    I thought OP was clearly joking (as previously stated).

    I did wonder though, while reading this and the other stories if anyone gets the meningitis vaccine. I'm frequently low on my wbc count and I'm wondering if it might not be a good idea given the potential risk.
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    Loved the article. A great lesson wrapped up in sarcastic humor. Thanks for posting!
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    Wonderful writing! Glad you treated yourself to a spectacular dinner-we all need to do that!
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    Quote from smoup
    Some people need to chill out and learn how to read sarcasm and jokes.

    OP, love your writing style, hyperbole and jokes included!
    ^I second this...I even got the visuals that Altea described lol!
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    Love your writing, I would totally buy the eBook version of your, "Tales of an Emergency Room Nurse: As Told By the Bedside" lol
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    Some people might think that as nurses we are invincible but we are human and we have to protect ourselves. Thanks for this article.
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    Quote from usalsfyre
    Or you were never truly infected. The hyperbole here is almost intolerable.

    As part of a risk management team, this attitude is what drives me up the wall. YOU allowed yourself to be distracted. YOU got in a hurry and didn't take the extra couple of seconds to protect yourself. Making excuses like this will lead you down the road to another incident. Take responsibility for your own safety. It's no one else's fault and your responsibility to use the tools provided.
    That moment when you realize your sarcasm is so sarcastic, other people don't realize you were just joking... Great story! This made me laugh hard
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    I laughed out loud at the medic student comment.

    Too bad so many brown crayons had to discourage your quality humor. Please keep writing the way you do for those of us who are a little brighter than brown...
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    You didn't almost die. Yes you had an exposure and needed prophylaxis but I think you are being a little melodramatic. But at least you KNEW you were exposed so you could get treated. I wonder how much contagious crap we are exposed to that we are not even aware of. Glad you're OK
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    Quote from RNFiona
    You didn't almost die. Yes you had an exposure and needed prophylaxis but I think you are being a little melodramatic. But at least you KNEW you were exposed so you could get treated. I wonder how much contagious crap we are exposed to that we are not even aware of. Glad you're OK
    I too have a higher threshold for "almost died" ...
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    That's the support you get when venting to some nurses.
    I'm sure they treat their co-workers the same way.

    QUOTE=MunkiRN;7229396]DISCLAIMER: No Medic Students were harmed in the writing of this article. All perceptions of such are your own creation and not that of the author.

    Thank you for all the positive feedback, it's great to have the support for my first article![/QUOTE]
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    My question is why doesn't the CDC recommend the meningococcal vaccine for healthcare workers? Their standard message is that if HCWs use masks, the risk is very minimal. But we all know how unrealistic it is to expect that all HCWs will be using masks from the moment the patient steps into the ER. The first few HCWs will undoubtedly be exposed as they are figuring out the patient's presenting signs and symptoms. It just seems to me that the cost and risk of vaccinating would be minimal compared to the protection it would give.
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    Well, I don't pretend to know everything, BUT this was a very strange story, and not because of the exposure act, but the craziness of it. As RN in a hospital setting a unresponsive person is not made to sit up by being held by the nurse and others to receive a spinal, if they are awake perhaps. Maybe I misunderstood the scribe. You can collect this spinal tap sample by laying the patient on his side on a examining table in a fetal position. Also, with meningitis there is almost always the typical cardinal sign, a high fever normally 104-106 F. I would think the body would be notably hot on touch (fry and egg hot) a signal of a potential dangerous infection (use a mask.) I don't think fever is seen in a overdose although I have not seen many ODs.

    When I was 21 I developed meningitis from a sinus infection that travel a nerve to my brain and spinal meninges. What I remember prior to my delirium is this, I was so hot I felt like I was being cooked, my neck was stiff and I felt like someone was hitting my brain with a hammer, my brain, not my skull. My spinal fluid was clear, with blood in it my doctor told my husband. I spent close to a month in isolation afterwards, this was mid 80's. I survived and 10 years later at 31 yo, I became a nurse.
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