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Just like the title asks, I want an honest answer. I have been contemplating this dilemma for some time and actually about asking you guys what your thoughts are. I want some direct, honest responses. I recently finished... Read More

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    Don't let your insecurity get to you -- one of my favorite teachers was an ER nurse who was by no means small. I really wish he had stayed teaching us (some stupid drama at school, but I digress), and he made nursing in general sound amazing, especially with his ER stories. I just passed boards too, and because of him, I remembered how to assess cranial nerves and IgMs and IgGs (...which actually helped on boards).

    Good luck with your ER pursuit
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    I say get your butt into an ER!! The ER needs good nurses with field experience and I would welcome you in my ER any day. If you are a good nurse, take care of your patients and do a good job, I could give a rat's patootie how big you are. Like another poster said, I could use you around here when the occasional recreational user tries to charge me when I tell him no narcs :-) Course, the doc is usually hiding behind me :-0

    Seriously, get healthy for yourself when you are ready and in the right way. Don't you dare let that get in the way of you getting in the ER.