Treat for staff on my first night of work? Opinions please?! Treat for staff on my first night of work? Opinions please?! | allnurses

Treat for staff on my first night of work? Opinions please?!

  1. 0 Hi! I will be starting with my preceptor on nights tomorrow. So it got me thinking that I think it would be nice if I brought something, maybe I should bring a treat of sorts for the staff for my first night.

    What do you think?? Is that a nice gesture that would be appreciated, I think so or would that be kind of corny of me? If you think its a good idea, what do you suggest I bring? I don't want to bring something they are really sick of.
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    We brought a big bag of bagels and cream cheeze at the end of most of our clinical rotations, the nurses devoured them. I would bring the goodies at the end of my preceptorship as a thank-you for your patience kind of thing.
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    Speaking as a preceptor - we never get tired of free food. Something that will not get stale over the course of the shift is always a good choice. Cupcakes maybe? A good dessert and perfect with that middle of the night cup of coffee.

    Great- now I'm hungry..........
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    I took decorated cookies (happened to be Halloween) for everyone at the end of my orientation on days before going to permanent nights. We have one school whose students always bring lots of food on their last day of clinicals, usually donuts, cookies, etc. This time someone also brought Hawaiian bread with spinach dip, yum!
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    Yes, take them food on your first shift. Why not?
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    Yeah, if you bring cupcakes maybe they won't eat you!!!!!!

    Kidding, totally kidding!
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    Ribs. Dry rub. BBQ over indirect heat. Slather with Sweet Baby Rays.

    Donuts are good too.
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    good thinking! making a good first impression will help you tremendously. Cookies are a favorite at my job.
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    Food......the one thing no ER nurse will refuse!
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    Thanks for the opinions and ideas!
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    Individually wrapped candy, especially chocolate
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    All kinds of food, always welcome.
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    Food is always welcomed by ED Nurses. I think the other thing that is important to note is the importance of relationship building. Some baked goods, bagels, candies etc are all great ideas. It helps to build relationships with your co workers. Those same co workers that you will depend in critical situations.