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The other day I took my father to the ER because he was having severe symptoms that made me believe it was the flu. Mistakenly I thought my dad said he had chest pain as well so I wrote that down during his admission. After... Read More

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    CapeCod Mermaid, I couldn't stop laughing at your post. It sounds like something that could happen on my former unit.

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    I'm not going to complain about this once I get a survey. As much as it did upset me I'm taking this as a lesson and experience. Im learning things slowly here by reading a lot of posts and what to expect once I become a nurse. I appreciate all of your comments and views and I'm seeing where all of you are coming from. Looking forward to my future as a nurse where there will be many ups and downs...but at the end of the day I know I helped someone.
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    I lifted my 3-week-old (second baby) to nurse him at 10:30pm before I went to bed (hoping to get another half hour of sleep out of it, haha) and when he latched on his mouth was as hot as blue blazes. I had his father bring my stethoscope and got a pulse of about 220; this in a child who had been sleeping peacefully and was now alert and nursing normally. I called my beloved pediatrician, figuring he'd tell me to bring the kid to the office in the morning. He said, "I'll meet you in the Emergency Room at Children's Hospital in twenty minutes."

    Geez. He never said anything remotely like that to me before. I got dressed and put the kid in the car seat and drove through the soft warm damp spring evening through the city. Little guy was cooing and ahh-ing-- Look! Lights! Movement! Full tummy! Extrauterine life is great!

    I pulled into the ER parking and carried in the whole car seat (in those years they were smaller and easier to pick up). Parked him on the desk and said, "Dr. M told me to come." I could see the eyes rolling and the thoughts behind them. "Ah, another nervous mother, don't you think we have enough to do with really sick children?" I could hear the sounds of major trauma and status epilepticus going on in the back and felt like a fool with my smiling happy little newborn.

    Dr. M was waiting for me and hustled us into an exam room with an eye-roller. Ten seconds later, temp 104.4 deg F and a pass with the otoscope, and the answer is clear-- two hot ears. Not common to have bilat otitis media in a 3-week old breastfed baby, but there it was. He said it was a good thing that was it, because otherwise it would have been the three-day admission and work up for sepsis-- blood cultures, LP, the whole nine yards. As it was, the first of many amoxicillin rxs (I know that's not std of care anymore, but it was then). Kid still has an amazing pain tolerance, nothing bothers him much.

    And I never forgot those rolling eyes.
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    There are some things we hear every day, like "the doctor is meeting us here," or "the doctor said we should get right in/admitted," and they turn out to be true only about once a year. It's so unlikely to be true...but a decent triage nurse doesn't roll her eyes to anything. Most people aren't intentionally trying to deceive us, they're just misunderstanding what was said.

    Chest pain in triage, is one where people DO intentionally lie to get in faster. If I was the OP I would have written the exact same CC, but it was an honest mistake. Relatives in triage have a different story than the patient, almost 90% of the time, and the differences can make a huge difference in how we treat. Drives me nuts when I ask the patient a question and the family INTERRUPTS the patient to answer for them. So the OP hit a couple of pet peeves at one time. I get why the nurses were laughing, I get why the OP was upset, I don't see a solution.
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