Misjudged EMT

  1. Hello everyone, this is a bit of a vent. I like the EMTs in my ER. They are mostly all very good help and workers. This one male EMT though has been treated in my opinion rather badly. He is a nice young guy early to mid 20s. Married, very polite and helpful. He took a patient of mine upstairs to a regular med floor. The receiving nurse called down to my charge nurse and complained about this EMT. She stated that while helping him move the patient from the stretcher to the bed, that he looked down the front of her blouse and "Ogled" her. That she was turning him into Human Resources for this. Now I saw her later that day, she was wearing a almost low square cut uniform top. Which looked very professional standing up. But it was also plain to see that if she was bending over, She would be easily visible to any in front of her. I know this young EMT, he really is very nice and married, almost a newlywed. He would not have been looking to deliberately scope her out. He really is to shy for that. I just hope he does not get into much trouble over this. That would really upset me. He is a good kid and really not that way.
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  3. by   NurseLoveJoy88
    There may be nothing you can do about it, but just pray that he does not get in trouble for it. I wouldn't get involved if I was you... But if its really eating you up inside maybe you can talk to the nurse who accused him and say" you know, he probably didn't mean any harm, its kind of hard to not look when your boobs are out there like that" Make it into a joke, and maybe she'll reconsider.
  4. by   pink85
    This is my opinion. First off there is always the possibility that you don't REALLY know him. However, I would let him know, very kindly, what happened (I would probably add that you know that women can wear to low cut of tops). I would then advise him to just be very careful. Being a man I am sure he has heard this before, however I would just gently remind him. I am sure it was an honest mistake.
  5. by   Jolie
    How can he defend himself is this becomes a he said/ she said situation?

    Perhaps you could let the EMT know that you are willing to vouch for him if anything comes of this. While you weren't there either, you could objectively describe the clothing the nurse was wearing that day and how it became revealing when the nurse stooped over. You can also vouch for his character and work ethic.

    Nothing like getting bit in the butt for helping someone. I'm sure he'll think twice before he transports another patient.
  6. by   Iam46yearsold
    I will let him know I will support him. He really is a nice kid. He isnt the sneaky type at all. He cant be. He is a red head and blushes brighter than a well known reindeer does when he gets emberassed.
  7. by   Larry77
    Ummm...I've been guilty of letting my eye wonder in the past...now that I'm a little older I'll look away on purpose just so I don't give anybody the wrong idea...maybe he hasn't learned this technique yet

    If she was bothered by it she has every right to complain to HR but she also needs to make every effort to be more conservative with her tops...wear an undershirt!
  8. by   Spidey's mom
    For goodness sake . .. .I'VE been known to glance because someone wore a blouse that fell open like that.

    I'd mention the blouse.

    Also, Larry is right . . .. learning not to look takes time.

  9. by   GOMER42
    Whether you're male or female, if someone's cans fall out of their top, you are going to look!

    Perhaps he should turn her in for unprofessional attire.
  10. by   Batman24
    If you can see down her top you can bet your bottom dollar that this EMT is in a long line of those that have seen her business before. I'm female and I've seen down women's shirts and I have no interest in their goods.

    Sounds like this one wants some attention and drama in her life. I'm glad the EMT has you on his side. I like the idea of letting him know you will vouch for her top should it come to that. It's unprofessional to wear something like that without a tank top on underneath anyway. I'd also tell him to avoid her like the plague.
  11. by   vamedic4
    Quote from GOMER42
    Whether you're male or female, if someone's cans fall out of their top, you are going to look!

    Perhaps he should turn her in for unprofessional attire.

    Exactly. And you're a good coworker for your concern.
  12. by   TAB_RN
    PPPLLLLEEEAAAASSSSEEE!!!! How the heck can you get someone in trouble for "looking" at you. That is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard. She is going to look like an idiot when she files that complaint. I don't remember seeing anywhere in the original post that he made any snide remarks or harrassing remarks. I am ashamed that our society has come to this. If she has a problem with people looking, maybe she should dress more appropriately.

    sorry for the rant.
  13. by   traumaRUs
    Anyone who has worn scrubs even once and worked should realize that if you don't wear a t-shirt or some other piece of clothing underneath, the top gapes. Agree with above poster that the nurse is the one who is going to look silly.
  14. by   Iam46yearsold
    Some of the older RNs on the floor said this new girl was hunting doctors. Maybe she was just upset all that looked at the bait was a chevy and not a mercedes.