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How does your ED handle stocking

  1. 0 We recently moved to a much larger ER where instead of a centralized area we all pull our supplies from, they are in each room along with a med room. None of these ever get stocked it seems and we are trying to figure out the best way to do it.

    Ideally, the higher ups want us to handle our own zones, which I am a fan of as well, but the staff has been meeting it with resistance, mainly stating that nights can stock everything. Just looking for ideas to help and bring to our unit.
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    Our techs stock rooms, we stock our iv carts. But there are techs who kinda slack so we end up sticking our own rooms
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    We stock our rooms at night during our slow hours,for us its a success
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    I'm a medic in the ER and we stock all the rooms and iv trays. Stocking is normally done during early morning by the night shift and the first part of day shift. IV trays stocked throughout the day and night.
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    Our ER techs do a great job of stocking and they includes for both day and night shift. The nurses are responsible for restocking the med room since we are the only ones with access to that room and it's assigned daily. The techs also get assigned for stocking too on their areas.
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    Our techs stock throughout the shift, with nursing staff helping as well. The techs never stock too well so I usually end up stocking my own assignment.
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    We have ward aides and porters that come in first thing during the day shift and stock all of our linens, IV carts, med rooms and patient rooms. Then they come back around late in the evening before that shift is done as well. Almost all of them are saints and it's like we don't even notice they're doing it! I don't know what we'd do without them.
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    Night shift typically has a down time and the night tech is suppose to restock all rooms. Day shift tech is suppose to restock as needed if time available. RNs are suppose to check rooms at minimum during shift change and make sure rooms are stocked and ready. Most of the RNs have a ritual at shift change of checking the crash carts and the stocking of the big rooms at the same time before report. The fasttrack and clinic rooms are checked less frequently but in theory their patients are of lower acuity... yea, right! lol
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    The nurses in my ED do all the stocking (we don't have techs). Usually night shift does it, but all of us will do it if we notice we're running low on something.
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    We stock during slow hours, which is usually at night. It's a team effort but most nights we don't have a tech so the nurses are responsible for stocking.
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    Thanks for the answers. As I expected, it is our responsibility, we are having issues with accountability side of it. Some people will stock while others will not.
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    You'll get that anywhere. I have some great techs and then eh, not so great but they are still good, just not as dependable as the other ones. They don't understand how appreciated it is to have things stocked.

    Just like some coworkers. You just know which ones won't have their iv carts stocked lol
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    We have equipment techs that stock a lot of the department. Our patient-care (nursing) techs do a lot of the stocking as well. Nurses are not above stocking either. We live it everyday so if something is missing/running short, we'll stock it or delegate it. Some of the other supplies like IV fluids/tubing are stocked by central-supply/distribution. When we run out of NS in the middle of the night, often a tech or a RN is calling distribution telling them we need fluids STAT. Ah, night shift... the forgotten shift...

    Couldn't do it without our equipment techs, they're a life-saver! Our department is so big and busy that they are a necessity.