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  1. Going to school: question for nurses

    It depends on the hospital. When I graduated I had to rotate between day and night shift and I absolutely wanted to shoot myself! Thank god where I work don't require that. I think if you can provide medical proof why you cannot work night shift, th...
  2. What did you get for nurses week?

    I have no idea what I got for nursing week since I am on leave!
  3. Need advice...

    You will gain an invaluable experience in the ER. We typically don't like nursing students who stand around with their hands in their pockets! There is always something to go do like starting iv's, putting in foley, NG tubes, straight cathing a patie...
  4. Blood transfusion

    As a former oncology nurse, I can tell you that you have 4 hours to transfuse a unit of blood and if you are worried about congestion then get an order for lasix from the prescribing doctor. Most of the time I am giving 2-3 units of blood with lasix ...
  5. Being an RN in Miami, Florida

    I only had a year and a half experience as resp/ medsurg nurse when I did travel nursing. If u r looking to buy I would suggest get a feeling for the area. I had a condo I'm Miami but now I want to buy a house in central Florida. Cost of living in Mi...
  6. Being an RN in Miami, Florida

    I felt that I made enough when I was single and childless. Now with 2 kids it gets pretty challenging. Cost of living is just as high especially in Miami. One or two bedroom can cost you from $1000 and up and to rent a house you would be lucky to ge...
  7. That person

    I don't make the announcement that I am a nurse but when I had my c-section about 1.5 weeks my doctor did it for me. I work in the ED so I hardly would even go to the L&D floor for them to recognize me.
  8. Being an RN in Miami, Florida

    I moved to Miami back in 2002 and I first had to get my license endorsed by the state of Florida from my previous state. Not sure how much that cost now. I then looked into travel nursing in order to secure a job before I actually moved to miami. I w...
  9. Conflict with preceptor over re-checking blood glucose

    It's policy at my facility to recheck the blood sugar if low or high and it even directs you to do do on the machine in case you have a mental lapse in judgement
  10. How long do you stay at a job you hate?

    Each ED is different and so I think that maybe you should give yourself some time to adjust to your new surroundings. You mention that you want to maybe move further south. The ER that I work in there is a patient ratio of 4:1 but at night that tend...
  11. Relocating

    I am in the process of trying to find a job in the Orlando area because I would like to relocate there. Can anyone shed some light on their various ED working experience at anyone of the Florida Hospitals? What is the patient to nurse ratio? I also ...
  12. New Grad RN Jobs?

    I moved from Ohio about 12 years ago and I was able to secure a travel assignment after 1.5 years of nursing experience in a hospital setting. I must say that a lot has changed since then and it is a lot more competitive. Depending on the area of Fl...
  13. Cic

    I recently applied for the and infection control nurse 2 position and they would like for the candidate that gets the job to obtain CIC certification in 2.5 years. I just want to know if anyone has taken this test and how hard is it? What would you r...
  14. Medsurg nurse transition to ED

    I think you will be fine as long as you keep an open mind. I came from a med/surg oncology background and transferred to ER about 7 years ago. I am still there. You just have to remember there is no specific routine like on the floor and once your pa...
  15. Overtime

    I don't do too much OT these days since to me it's not worth my sanity! Now if I picked up the extra two days each pay period then yes! It all depends on the type of unit that you work as well.