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What are your favorite and least favorite diagnoses to work with? My favorite is DKA. Not sure why, but I think it's because the s/s, pathophys, and treatment all dovetail so neatly together like a mathematical equation. ... Read More

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    I will take MI/CVA/sepsis if someone else will take the fibromyalgia/chronic pain/yet another migraine this week patients.

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    I like migraines. Line, bolus, toradol, reglan and they're often better and going home in a snap. I was so annoyed when one of my migraine patients a while ago decided to turn in to viral meningitis. I guess I hate neonates with a fever too even though that's a clear cut protocol. I just hate the million dollar workup, having to find someone to hold for a spinal tap, etc.Sickle cell pain is still my all time least favorite.
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    Love: STEMIs, SVT, rapid a-fib, sepsis, and kids whose mild fever only requires Tylenol & a popsicle.

    Don't love: TIAs/complex migraines that require 5 hours of "I think my hand feels more numb again" induced repeated neuro checks, CT scans, and MRIs before disposition; GI bleeds that exsanguinate faster than you can get blood & plasma into them; heroin ODs that don't get immediately discharged after a lecture; man colds accompanied by a concerned female family member; abdominal pain that is not clearly an appy or perfed bowel; and new oncologic diagnoses and other Bad Things That Happen For No Good Reason.
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    My favorite diagnoses are ICH, SAH, etc. The best patients are the ones on neuromuscular blockade

    Least favorites are the combative ones, GI bleeds, and receivers of lactulose/kayexalate
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    Favorites: a nice MI, STEMI, SVT or a-fib with RVR.
    Least favorite: GI bleeds and lactulose/kayexalate recipients!
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    Any patient who brings a family member who answers all the questions. Any family member who displays mindreading abilities. (PUNT!)

    Patients that sip slowly on liquid meds that I've warned them taste like horse dung, and the drama.

    Little old ladies that drop pills in the sheets and on the floor, and the five visitors who immediately jump in and start flapping bedclothes to help.

    Patients that NEED a warm blanket and a sip of water before initial vitals...someday I'll just leave to go get them and never return.

    I'm OK with most diagnoses, except constipation, because I could never get the knack of disimpaction. It's like picking up Jello with one finger, while the bowl screams.
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    Quote from canoehead
    It's like picking up Jello with one finger, while the bowl screams.
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    Fav: ortho and lacs (splints and sutures!!!)

    I'll pass on: psych and OB/GYN (can't relate to either)
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    Favourite: cardiac and/or shock

    Hate: strokes
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    Favorite - CP or SOA. I dont know why but I love anything repsiratory and cardiac.

    Least - When I recognize the name of the pt or 48 hours post ETOH withdrawl.
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