Favorite and least favorite diagnoses?


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I love my CP's MI's and CVA's. I don't like the "discharge" Urinary, or ETOH Withdrawls (had 4 this past week)


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Fav= any pt with a legit emergent medical problem

Least= That etoh who just woke up but isn't sober enough to flush out the door. and

The one with the family who is telling you how much pain the pt is in, "why aren't you doing anything about the pt pain?" and when you ask the pt "no Im fine, I don't want any pain meds"


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My least favorite is CONSTIPATION!!!!!! I worked in Geriatrics and GenSurg before I went to the ED....I thought I had escaped the dreaded bowel regime and "An enema a day keeps the belly pain away!"....and yet it still haunts me once a set!


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My Favs: STEMI, Trauma, Code, Septic Shock....you know, the ACTUAL sick ones! I also enjoy a drunk from time to time, I love to laugh at them and have a good time! Real Mental Health Evals, not the attempted suicides or homeless people, but the ones who are have command hallucinations and think the CIA are actually after them or the ones who think they have been transformed into a robot (true story, lol)...always entertaining! Acute Appys!

Least Favs: Dialysis patients (i worked as a student the renal floor before graduating - i've had ENOUGH!), SICKLE CELL! one in particular we always get whose pain is never anything but 10/10 and asks for her pepsi, crackers and phone before we can even finish the 'assessment' and refuses to leave until her show is over! ugh! we routinely call security to escort her out, but she still comes back!! I also hate the septic work up on kiddos

The list goes on! :)