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ErinBSN has 5 years experience and specializes in pediatrics, ED.

I'm recieved my BSN last summer, I'm currently looking at NP schools.

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  1. ER Nurses: What did you do before the ER?

    I was an accountant. I also did a stint as a dental assistant and Loan shark. I went right into ER after nursing school so it's all the nursing I ever know. But while I'm saving your butt I can do your taxes!
  2. ER meds

    Rocephin can be pushed in a small concentration too. I always run Levaquin on a pump just because of the side effects. However, you can run the Ancef open if needed. I am a firm believer if you need to know ask, and run for the time recommended by ...
  3. Lazy techs!!!!!

    I'm in touch with this emotion! some techs will just disappear, than they make the other techs mad because they don't work. At my previous job, I actually called a tech out due to her being lazy and I nearly missed EKG time. The tech turned to me in...
  4. Hearing Loss and ER nurse

    My best friend has a hearing deficiency and wears hearing aids she's an ER nurse. There are specialized molds that can be made for stethoscopes to accommodate hearing aids. She just slips hers out and pockets them prior to using her scope (she has sm...
  5. Vent: "I should warn you, I'm a tough stick..."

    I hate the people who say they are a hard stick and than point out only 2 veins your "permitted" to stick. The other one is you start to swab them with Chlorprep and they start screaming and pulling away or FREAK about the tourniquet. I have had peop...
  6. ER meds

    My rules for my new grads 1. The only stupid question is the one not asked. 2. When in doubt ask, look it up or call pharmacy. It's overwhelming to be new. it throws a lot at you in a short amount of time with orienting to the floor. I would rather ...
  7. Just Giving ya'll an update

    I know I spoke around Christmas about getting a new job in a new city in a new ER. Well I'm HERE! I went from a 16 bed (plus 6 Fast track bed) ED. The fast track was never open, we were ambulatory and I was scared to death of recieving ambulances as...
  8. Worst doctors orders ever received

    The convo went like this "Dr. Justgotoutofmedshoolandhasbeenaresidentaweek, Are you SURE you wrote the correct order for morphine and it's not 0.8?" Baby Doc replied "Do you see my jacket, it says M D, Of course the order is right, What do you think...
  9. If the bleeder is pregnant, or possible ectopic, that would be #1. The abdominal pain would be my 2nd choice. If the vagi bleed was a bleeding for several days etc I would bump down for the abd pain. The abd pain would depend on where the pain was wh...
  10. Favorite and least favorite diagnoses?

    I love my CP's MI's and CVA's. I don't like the "discharge" Urinary, or ETOH Withdrawls (had 4 this past week)
  11. Comfortable shoes for the ER

    I wear the good old fashioned croc clogs. Mercy Crocs are close but mine are like 4 years old. I need to find a new pair. I also rock the allegria's I tried Dansko's I hate them. I also rock New balance or Fila's.
  12. Worst doctors orders ever received

    6 month old with femur fracture 80mg of Morphine IVP. Told the resident if HE wanted to kill the baby go ahead, but I think he wanted 0.8 and I was NOT giving 80mg of morphine to this tot.
  13. Don't you hate those bad IV days?

    Why were you watching me LAST NIGHT! Just kidding, we laugh it off and the next night come back and bam your IV God
  14. Okay, the SCALE is 1-10. Don't tell me 20, 50, 100. Also vomiTing does NOT have a K in it. there is no such word as VOMIKING! and if you use the word excruciating to describe your pain you better be writhing on the floor. If your drunk. Don't get be...
  15. I'm leaving my beloved ED

    Well, sometimes I love it. My husband got a job in a new city, I have to leave my "home" At first I was like YIPPEE no drama! (we have internal drama out the ying yang) But than I thought, this ED has been my HOME for YEARS. OH NO! I interviewed wit...