I'm leaving my beloved ED

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Well, sometimes I love it. My husband got a job in a new city, I have to leave my "home" At first I was like YIPPEE no drama! (we have internal drama out the ying yang) But than I thought, this ED has been my HOME for YEARS. OH NO!

I interviewed with a few ED's in the new city, one I really am praying, crossing my fingers hoping I get. The manager seems to mesh with me and we have much of the same philosophies. She' a big proponent of education so I want to go there.

But I'm LEAVING HOME! I'm going to go somewhere and be spoiled. I will have respiratory therapists, interns, residents etc. I have NONE of those where I'm at. That's scary.

I want to go "I can do my own neb, breathing, bagging, vent, ABG's" but than I'm like whew It would be nice. but than it's scary in the same respect.

So I'm scared, nervous and excited about a new journey. Wow..

I feel like I Felt when I left for college 20 years ago.. :crying2:

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Well good that you are excited and I bet you will enjoy the excitement of change. But, FYI... ummmm, those residents are not cute little puppies for you to pet and hug and watch chew stuff and potty train :) well, maybe a yes to potty train :D

-just kidding. I hope you like your new town and make sure you have fun discovering your new digs!

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Good luck, Erin! I know it's scary to leave the nest -- I felt the same way when I left my nice little ER and moved to another state and started in a new ER ... then I realized that it's true, the ER is the ER is the ER. LOL. You'll be great!! Keep us posted on your job hunt.



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Wow. How exciting :) I hope you enjoy your new place. It is so hard leaving the place where you began. I still miss the hospital where I first learned to be a nurse.

I hope you get the position w/the ED of your choice :)



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I've lived in 5 states - - and each place is different. There will be so much to acclimate to, so take your time!

Best wishes!!


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I'm with Merlee, after 20+ years I can equivocally say you know that they say the grass is greener, but often times its greener because it has different manure spread upon it.

I wish you best and God speed.

It is nice to have respiratory do nebs. We recently transitioned to respiratory doing all nebs unless the patient is critical. There were a few bumps in the road at first, but now I'm like, cool, new asthma patient, but that's ok, page respiratory so I can go do the work-up on my r/o sepsis pt.

Beware the residents. Some are great, but had a stridorous kid who needed racemic epi stat and the two residents wanted to have a discussion about whether it was really stridor or wheezing. Had to say, you folks discuss, but order my racemic because I'm putting it on the patient now.