Just Giving ya'll an update

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I know I spoke around Christmas about getting a new job in a new city in a new ER.

Well I'm HERE! I went from a 16 bed (plus 6 Fast track bed) ED. The fast track was never open, we were ambulatory and I was scared to death of recieving ambulances as I hadn't in 5 years!

Well, first I love it! Second it's a culture shock. My old hospital was a pilot. So everything was new, supplies unlimited and it was like a little cushy ED in the middle of a busy area.

I'm not in a rural ER that has been there for 100 years. nothing is new, supplies are always short and I have had more people die in the month I've been here than I have in my entire career.

That being said, I'm working hard, stretching myself. I appreciate the old job, but I love this job.

I get to USE My skills. that sounds so cliche but I have ACLS and PALS for a reason. There is not the rumor mill/gossip like the old job, We just don't have time! I have a great team and my opinion is respected. I'm not categorized as "ditzy" like I was in the other. I'm not doing anything different I just do my job.

I actually feel good about myself when I leave. Which is a first. I would come home and cry because this one was jealous and would trash me and that one would start rumors about so and so. etc.

I got what I wanted, I go to work, do my job, walk out and leave it behind me :)

I have sore feet, and sore legs and sore arms. It's the way this should be.

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Happy for you! Glad the change is working out. Gotta love it when one of the only things you take home after a shift is a little muscle fatigue ;)

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First of all Congratulations! :yelclap: on finding your niche in our beloved nursing. However, there are some nurses out there that are stuck in your old routine, I'm glad you moved on to better things... wishing you the best always... Aloha~



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Congratulations! I love hearing good stories like this! Hope you continue to love your job! Best Wishes:)



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Excellent... congrats... you sound happy and thats the way it should be in the profession that you love. :bow:


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Good for you! congrats!



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Congrats! :)


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Good for you! A change of scenery can do wonders for the soul.