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I am a mom of 2, hoping to start nursing school in the Fall of 2013!

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  1. Is it time to give up the dream

    I am not the best person for advice, but my 2 cents? Own what happened. Kudos to you for at least working at McDonald's and not completely giving up on life...but seriously. You are a nurse. You may have to put in your due time and work anywhere that...
  2. Clinic v. Hospital

    I am currently a MA for a pediatrician. A typical day involves a lot of sick visits-swabbing for strep, flu, and rsv relentlessly. It can become very tedious doing the same ole thing! Some pt's require breathing treAtments. A lot of well visits and g...
  3. Wallace State Fall 2017

    I am seriously hoping the same thing. What did you score on your ACT? I hope I am able to score higher than I did before since so many points come from that.
  4. Wallace State Fall 2017

    I got mine too and no I didn't get in either. Was expecting that, but glad to not have to wait around wondering anymore anyway! Good luck everybody to whatever comes your way! I am going to try to up my points and try again!
  5. Wallace State Fall 2017

    Well just in case, post here and let us know. Good luck!
  6. Wallace State Fall 2017

    It might, and I am thinking the same thing for myself bc I think I may have had even less points than that. Not 100% sure what my points were for sure though. But just in case, post here and let us know. Take care:)
  7. Wallace State Fall 2017

    Have you gotten your letter to confirm whether you got in or not for sure?
  8. Wallace State Fall 2017

    I will probably do the same as you if I don't get accepted as well. It's good that they also accept in the spring so the people who didn't get on don't have to wait a whole year to try again. And you are so right, you will definitely be ready when th...
  9. Wallace State Fall 2017

    Jforseth2, i have been following along this thread, just wanted to extend my apologies to you and tell you I know how you feel! Don't let it get you down and keep trying! I don't know if you applied to other programs or not...but if you did, I hope t...
  10. Salary expectations

    I have heard the rate around here at hospital is around 20$/hr and maybe a little more for shift diff. Houses are generally 150-200,000$ so you can have that to compare to cost of living where you are.
  11. NC nurse looking for encouragement

    It takes courage to talk about your story and confess your wrong doings! I have never been in a situation such as yours, but I just want to congratulate you on your road to recovery!! U seem like you have your head on straight, and are taking the rig...
  12. PCT on Mother/Baby unit

    Awesome! I was asking both of you:) I am thinking of challenging the cna boards? I had a few semesters in nursing school a couple of years ago, but I didn't finish due to my circumstances at the time. I honestly don't want to get my cna and end up wo...
  13. PCT on Mother/Baby unit

    hello! I have a question, did you get your cna license prior to applying for this job? (sorry if that is a stupid question lol!) I am hoping to go into nursing school in the fall of 2013, but I do not currently have my cna license. I have been toying...
  14. Could you please say a prayer for me? I will be testing today

    Saying a prayer!!! Good luck to you!
  15. RN School and Family Life

    Start with baby steps if you have to! If you haven't even begun your pre-reqs yet, you have a while before you would need to sweat that kind of stuff (it is not the end of the world if you miss a pre-req class for a sick kid, like it would be in NS) ...