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Do you wear your seatbelt

  1. 0 After all these years in the ER, I have worked with so many ER docs, Nurses, Techs, etc. And I have seen so amny not wear their seat belts, and helmets. Do we as ER nurses think we are immune to all of this. Do we become complacent. Do we become jaded or what. Seriously though. So many really do not use their seat belts.

    For the record I wear mine. I also wear a helmet on my motorcycle.
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    Yes, I wear my seatbelt. I usually automatically reach for it after entering the car. =)
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    I'm not in the ER, but I wear my seatbelt everytime I get in my car. I don't have much choice b/c my car has an alarm, but I wear it in other people's cars too. My uncle and cousin lost their lives on Thursday in a car accident because they weren't wearing their seatbelts. They save lives.
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    I work in PICU. I wouldn't dream of not having my seatbelt buckled, along with any passengers in my car.
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    I do not start my car until everyone has their seatbelt on. I also wear my helmet on my motorcycle.
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    I practice what I preach so yes I always wear a seatbelt. I've neve been on a motorcycle but I would absolutely wear a helmet if I was one one. I see a of traumas just working on the floor and some are lucky, some not so much.
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    I *ALWAYS* wear my seatbelt and I won't move unless my passengers do as well. My Mom was in a fluke accident before I was born where she would have been killed if she actually had been wearing her seatbelt, it was a head on in a snowstorm and the engine landed in the drivers seat. I never wore one because of that - however - when I was a teen I was a passenger and we just got hit in the front driver corner. I was thrown from the passenger seat to spider the glass in front of the driver. That was the last day I went without a seatbelt.

    Even thought in CO you can go without a helmet, I have and always will wear one. Getting hit by a bee going 70 mph hurts enough, last thing I want is my head smacking the pavement going that fast.
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    I don't work ER but I put mine on before I start my car just in case of that freak accident where someone hits you while you're parked. It stays on while I'm in the car waiting for someone. I wear it if I move my car from the street to the driveway. I guess you could say I'm anal about it.
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    I wear my seat belt always.

    Not because I have too. Only because my cousin has been a quad for almost 20 years now.
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    Of course I do. Always. As does everyone in my car, no questions or excuses. And when I rode my motorcycle, always with the helmet as well. And I'm really not into offending anyone, but it's really selfish if you don't.

    There's another website I frequent and am a member of. We see every day the ignorance of not wearing your seat belt. And all the people highlighted on this particular forum are deceased, it's incredibly sad.
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    I usually do. If I am by myself I sometimes forget, but if there are others in my car they always buckle up
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    It is the law here in CA. They can pull you over if you don't have one on. Is it the law where you live??
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    "I have never had to unbuckle a fatality, but every wreck where the occupant was ejected was a fatality."

    Officer from the Major Accidents Unit