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I know there are probably several threads about something similar to this but I feel mine is different. I just started in the ER 2 months ago and trying to figure out what to do to become a good ER nurse. My dream is to... Read More

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    Quote from PinkRocksLikeMe
    I was just a bit confused on your post. Are you a ER nurse currently? If so then all the classes you listed are a must, why they are having you wait to take the TNCC I am not sure. A EMT-B can only do certain stuff, they are more like 1st responders, but important none the less.
    Every EMT starts as a Basic, so the OP wouldn't be able to go for the higher certs anyway.

    Also, I suggest that those looking to do emergency nursing get their EMT-B first for the same reason as assidere: you should have an idea of what happens in the field before your patients get to you, how to operate their equipment, and how to respond in the field should you find yourself acting as a Good Samaritan.

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