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  1. Little Rock Hospitals

    Hello, Looking to move to Little Rock this year and trying to figure out the hospitals. I know of UAMS, St. Vincents and Baptist but when I try and look up their specialties they aren't really listed out that great. I am going from a Stroke and Cardi...
  2. Orlando Nursing

    Hello, I am looking to possibly relocate to the Orlando area and was curious what the hospitals are like there? Debating between Florida Hospital, Orlando Regional Medical Center and Central Florida Regional Hospital. The ER that I currently work in ...
  3. Should I give 2 weeks or finish schedule?

    Because I like to know I thought I would let y'all know what the final outcome was. I was offered the internship, which I have accepted. Since it doesn't start till Feb I am going to finish my schedule, this way everyone wins. Thank you all for ya...
  4. Should I give 2 weeks or finish schedule?

    Ok next part of the dilemma. Since I won't see my boss for a week after I find out after the job should I wait till I see him next to hand in my 2 weeks notice or just email him when I find out?
  5. Should I give 2 weeks or finish schedule?

    I looked through the policies and there is no policy on how much time you have to give. I am planning on giving 2 weeks so that I have plenty of time to pack up and move. Thank you for all the advice. I found out they actually want me to meet with...
  6. Ok I know this is counting my chickens before they are hatched but I like to be prepared. I had applied for a position at a hospital in a different state that would provide better training/experiences for me as a new ER nurse. My interviews have gone...
  7. Nursing Internship vs Experience

    I am leaning more towards the internship as I think it would better help me, but I am not familiar with them so I am not sure if I would just be precepted and it be called an internship. Is there a reason for me to do the internship?
  8. Ok so I had finally decided I was going to wait until summer to move but a recruiter called me offering a sign on bonus if I was to move in January/February to work for them. When I told them that I wanted ER and only had a few months of experience ...
  9. Hi I am planning on moving to Ft. Lauderdale next summer when my lease expires. I was curious how the job market is in Ft. Lauderdale. I obviously wouldn't move or quit my job if I didn't have a job but wasn't sure if there was a freeze at all the ...
  10. When to move?

    there is no real reason to move, the reason would be because I miss florida, I think there is some confusion as to my experience, I have 1 year experience as a tele nurse and 4 months as an ER nurse. I am afraid of coming off as a job hopper if I wa...
  11. When to move?

    I have been a nurse for about a year and a half now here in New Orleans. I started in the ER about 4 months ago but have been looking to move to Florida. The reason for the move is not because of a job, but because I enjoyed living there and I am a...
  12. I am looking at Gonzaga, Sacred Heart, UCF and University of Southern Alabama to get my msn online. I have seen a few posts about the different schools but not a lot so I was wondering if anyone has any experiences with these schools? I have looked...
  13. ER Book Reviews

    I am a member of the ENA, just got the sept issue. I have been looking but I haven't seen the webinars you were talking about, except for one about using IO devices that is coming up. I just wasn't sure if the manual or principles and practice woul...
  14. ER computer programs

    We use all scripts. It's alright but sometimes you end up repeating yourself in your documentation.
  15. ER Book Reviews

    I have been working in the ER for 3 months now and still feel lost at times to what I am doing. I worked for a year on med/surg so I feel like I have some basic knowledge, but for the more advanced things I feel I know nothing. I'm looking at sever...