H1N1 vaccine... why it should be MY choice! - page 5

This young lady become disabled 10 days after receiving the H1N1 vaccine. I'm not saying it was caused but the vaccine, but I am saying that this is a good reason why it should be each nurse's choice if we get the vaccine, not... Read More

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    Crunch, if that was in response to me - sorry, sometimes philosophy hurts, especially if you hit someone over the head with it. Or if it's Kant.

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    I recover quickly! LOL!
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    Please note:

    Many posts in this thread have either been heavily edited or deleted.

    Please keep personalizations out of the discussion. This only serves to be divisive and derail the thread.

    Would hate to close this thread after all this time and effort was made to educate one another (respectfully) about choice...

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    The important thing is we have each other. lol.
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