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Hi..I have an interview with Fresenius Medical (FMC) in New Jersey. I am a new nurse (new grad). Does anyone know what the starting salary or hourly pay is for a new grad starting out at FMC?... Read More

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    I earned:

    DaVita $29/hr

    FMC $26/hr

    plus time and half after 8 hours in state of California.


    I made twice this on Telemetry but worked three times harder.

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    what are the benefits in DaVita?
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    I live in NY and have worked for Fresinius for the past year. I only have 1 year experience and I started out at 30.94 an hr.
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    I work in central TX and just got the $1.00 survey Im up to $26/hr plus my CN pay of $2/hr. and I've worked off and on for FMC about 7 years...but no state tax is a help...PTO is good...I just hate TX.. made a little more in N. Cali but the cost of living ate that up!!!
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    I have been unofficially offered a position at a privately owned facility in Greenville, tx. I have only a year of Med Surg experience but they are willing to give me some thorough training. What kind of salary can I expect them to offer in a privately owned one istead of the big companies will it be significantly less.
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    I make a lot more with a private company but in return I found I had to sacrifice some benefits in the process. I dont get paid holiday pay nor comp time for working it of which my administrator doesnt tell any new hires unless we ask directly about paid holidays (Now I know always ask). Also although I am with the same insurance company as I was with Davita I pay 70-30 rather than the 90-10% and a deductible I didnt have before. I dont get that bit of a differential if I work way late on Saturdays anymore either. In the long run it balances out about the same. Only good thing is at least I get 50% match on my 401K that Davita doesnt contribute a dime to.
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    Thanks for the information. I asked in interview and they have benefits blue cross blue shield not sure of how high it will be and they have pto and holiday pay so I guess I lucked out now I am just waiting on the offer for pay its in Greenville, TX and I was hoping pay didnt have to do with population bc its a small town LOL supposed to get the call today I just hope its reasonable.
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    RN for 3 years, no dialysis experience and offered 28.50 FMC.
    In NJ. So far the orientation is great, everyone very friendly and helpful.
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    Hello, I am interviewing last stages for a director of operations position in NJ and wanted to know the details of this position from the insiders club also what is the pay they offer for the director of operations position? how are they doing on bonuses? and how many days off does DOO has? Thanks!
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    fmc in nj with no exp = 27 an hour
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