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jdethman has 6 years experience and specializes in Nephrology.

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  1. Jump it take charge. You are in school for this, you don't turn it down are you insane.
  2. jdethman

    RNs with a Bachelor's in another field

    Do an MSN bridge. I started with an ASN and I would not have hired you. It not offensive to explain education expectations.
  3. jdethman

    Dialysis Nursing-New Grad

    Dialysis is a great field. The Internet is where people come to complain.
  4. jdethman

    "Male" nurse? Le sigh.

    Likely they will not use names in the artical.
  5. jdethman

    "Male" nurse? Le sigh.

    I believe your complain is silly. 90% of nurse are female they are describing something to their readers, if they didn't put male nurse the reader is likely to think they are female. They would be right 90% of the time.
  6. jdethman

    Nurse Manager Opportunity

    By your avatar you are male so to make your desire known schedule a meeting with the manger (if they are respected) and director same day different times (assuming they are the hiring manager). Say "I am very interested in the management position and will be applying when it is posted" "I would like to know what you believe the units biggest problems are, so I can begin to work on the solution". Some women will slam another women for being so bold but men can get away with it. To take that further it is expected. They opened the door for you, walk through it. MBARNBSN is right "On the other hand, who cares? Do you want the position or not? If so, do your research." As far as my story it is roughly the same as RNTX34. Good luck and tell us how it goes. PS Clearly my answer is not taking into consideration unit or organization politics, but my view tents to be Audaces fortuna iuvat - fortune favors the bold
  7. jdethman

    Charge nurse is a low performer!

    You are lucky that is an easy one. You have a clear mission they must go. Every day ask your self "what have I done today to help her move on?
  8. jdethman

    New Grad RN in Dialysis

    Dalysis is some ways is like its own health care system. Ifyou do well, there is limitless opportunity.
  9. jdethman

    New to dialysis, need advice

    This is solid advice. The only thing I would add is review acid base balance, basic electrolytes, and BP meds, if you are rusty.
  10. jdethman

    Nurses Being Made to Tech?

    It is better to do that then run the unit short. it also keeps the RN's up on the basics. It is not a bad practice at all.
  11. jdethman

    Any CM's doubling as floor RN?

    You learn a lot as a CM, but the situation you describe could end up being brutal. I would also recommended having a good out (another job that's a lock). There are many factors that you could consider in the instance, but the big one is "why do I want to do this"? In most cases I believe the only reason to become a CM is to get into management. It is a stepping stone and learning journey not a destination.
  12. jdethman

    NE-BC Exam

    Do not believe they are correct. That does not match the information on the ANCC site. The only thing waived is the 30 CE's. You need 24 months as midlevel management.
  13. jdethman

    dress pants with danskos

    I where them.
  14. jdethman

    NE-BC Exam

    How did it go? Now that you have done it do you have any advice?
  15. jdethman

    VA Hiring Process

    opps this is super old
  16. jdethman

    Desiring to be a CNO

    I am not qualified to answer but congratulations!