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So i found out that the charge nurse at a LTAC in houston is an LVN. Actually they have two charge nurses but she is one of them and she's only an LVN and she dialyzes there without the charge RN. I thought in acute dialysis... Read More

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    Quote from nursingisok
    I don't have an issue. I'll be done with my masters degree in less than a year. My issue is that dialysis companies in texas gets away with murder if they can. Literally. I've been working in dialysis a long time and i think they get away with what they can and when they get in trouble they try to blame the nurses.
    I don't care that she is an lvn...but I do not think an LVN can ever be charge over any RN's. Thank you!
    I just finished a travel assignment in Texas. I was doing dialysis in LTACHs. They actually allowed a CHHT (dialysis tech) to do acute treatments under the supervision of an RN. We would usually be next door to one another. So maybe the rules in Texas are completely different. Some hospitals did not allow techs, but others did. We floated to 10 faculties. The techs usually had 10 years experience and I would have trusted them with anything! They were better then some of the nurses (as far as dialysis goes). The problem I saw was that, when something went wrong with the treatment, the hospital always blamed the tech and wanted to know why there was a tech in there. One time the patient was moving around and infiltrated their needle. This tech was VERY competent, but the nurse manager banned her from coming back there. Big mistake, a lot of RNs in dialysis there only had 6 months experience and were not nearly as proficient with cannulation.

    So anyways, I think that in the dialysis and probably other specialties, we can't always look at the title. The techs teach the RNs in the clinics and the LPNs sometimes know way more! I met an LPN in the cardiac ICU during nursing school that everyone went to for answers.

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