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  1. nursingisok

    HELP Houston residents, where to live?

    Me too. I kinda want to live in the loop.
  2. nursingisok

    Ideas to help my pt

    Dry weight probably needs increasing.discuss with Dr. Patients never like to accept the fact thier weight needs increasing.
  3. nursingisok

    Would you become an RN again if you had the choice?

    no way dude. Sometimes I wish I was in front of a computer and had my own cubicle.
  4. nursingisok

    can travel nurses stay in hotels?

    I'm thinking about being a travel dialysis nurse.
  5. nursingisok

    What kind of pay/offers should I expect....

    wow.maybe i should be a travel nurse.
  6. nursingisok

    Hospital CEO Salaries: Are The Big Bucks Justified?

    wow this article makes me want to join a nurses union.
  7. nursingisok

    Tech vs. Nurse War

    I work with a tech who has 14 yrs experience . She doesn't fail to mention it at least two to three times a month. I have five years HD experience and I was in acutes for two. I'm seriously thinking of going back to acutes despite the hectic nature of my schedule in acutes because at least I would be working with other nurses in the hospital. I am constantly being told what to do by this tech and also if a patient has a problem , she will come and talk and I won't be able to get a word in edgewise. She has ADHD also .When a patient has a complication I feel as if the tech is anxious because she repeats a lot of things and sways back and forth (could be due to the adhd) but I get so irritated that I just walk away. Some of the patients refer to her as a nurse. When they find out she can't do everything then I remind them I'm the one who is a nurse. I'm very close to quitting this job although the pay is really good since I work for a private nephrologist group. i do not want to get the tech fired because she lives paycheck to paycheck and I have enough to meet my needs. I just get so frustrated when she teaches patients without asking me or teaching them initial teaching. Oh and I forgot to mention when a patient does have a complication or something and she takes care of it, if I go to the machine and do something she always comes and say what's wrong. She always asks whats wrong when I go to a patient because she wants to know everything. Am I supposed to answer to her/? I only tell her the important things but I don't feel as if I have to answer to HER. I'm charge nurse. am i in the wrong here?
  8. I agree with that one person's comment. This article seems "holier than thou". We all have flaws. I agree that from what the original poster wrote that the agency nurse was not a team player but how can we tell what exactly went on from one view point?
  9. nursingisok

    Tech vs. Nurse War

    I was in acutes and started back in chronics last august till now. Our clinic is small and hasn't accepted medicare patients yet so staff is low. It's just me and a PCT but I find her highly annoying. She has many more years experience than me and constantly tells me her thoughts and opinions and what she thinks I should do in every situation. I'm slowly starting to put her in her place. I treated her as an equal in the beginning because I really respected her experience but the more I am with her I see that she doesn't have a rationale behind her "experience". She just has experience. She also has ADHD which is why she is also really annoying. I'm looking for another job...probably out of dialysis although I do like dialysis...having bad coworkers can really make you hate your job even if you have the greatest job in the world.
  10. nursingisok

    Hospital Won't Hire Obese Workers

    I think this is good. If I had to work with an obese nurse I am sure he/ she would have tons of excuse for not being able to do this or that and other nurses would pick up the slack. The big nurses tend to have desk jobs anyways... At least from what I've noticed in Texas. It seems most admins are a bit overweight in texas.
  11. nursingisok

    How to get out of dialysis nursing?

    I'm getting burned out and sick of dialysis too. I been in it for five years. I feel like I need a change. I can't imagine doing this for the rest of my life. I enjoy it but I want a change. Is that so bad?
  12. nursingisok

    Do you "friend" your pts on Facebook???

  13. nursingisok

    Are shy and quiet people not allowed to be nurses?

    I'm shy and quiet too and I been a nurse for four and half years. I feel comfy talking one on one but not to a group of people. Since when did being shy become bad? Shy people are good listeners. Also ...a lot of shy people are pretty smart. Not all but most. It's obvious she has some sort of issues against shy people. You will be just fine. In fact if I were you I would tell her you want to be just like her. Start flattering her n see her reaction.
  14. nursingisok

    UTEP - UT Telecampus MSN-NCE

    hey did u find anyone who went through that program? I'm about to start in spring. did you go through the program? how was it?
  15. nursingisok

    Msn education classes and working?

    i'm going to utep
  16. nursingisok

    Msn education classes and working?

    I start my msn in education in spring and I'm wondering whether to wrk ft or pt while going to school full-time. Classes are online. Any suggestions? How was your experiences?