Attention: Delaware new grads!!

  1. Hello everyone I'm a new grad and just wanted to check on the other new grads out there having trouble finding a job in Delaware. I remember all the past post last from year, with many people expressing their frustrations about finding employment in and near our wonderful state. Sooo I just wanted to know if anyone had any success stories to share or any new recommendations to assist us others that are still searching a job??
    Or if you guys just want to talk about anything related to nursing.
    I'm just wondering how long the "freeze" of hiring new graduate nurses will last and how will we get experience if we can't find employment anywhere??
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  3. by   MelodyRNurse
    It would be interesting to see the responses to your post, but a lot of people don't post on this forum.

    I am still looking, as I have been for the past eight months. I am looking into hospitals toward Baltimore and Philly, because I have had absolutely no luck in Delaware.

    Good luck!
  4. by   nursing8648
    Do you mind if I ask where you guys are from, and what schools you went to/degree you have? I haven't heard of anyone close to me in Southern DE having trouble finding a job? Is it really that bad?
  5. by   NEWRNDE
    It doesnt really matter but....I went to college in Maryland from an accredited school/have a BS in nursing and im looking for employement in the northern part of the state.

    What school did you go to/what type of degree do you have and where do you (if you) currently work??
  6. by   nursing8648
    I am just starting the process of starting Nursing School-I hope to get into my 1st choice which is an ABSN program. I'm in Sussex County, and all my friends who have graduated this year have jobs, so this thread concerned me! They are all downstate though, so there must be more of a demand down here.
  7. by   MIC!
    I would work agency until your able to secure a job at a hospital. I am told that Grad Nurses tend to work up in northern because the pay is higher. Causing a traffic jam of new applicants hunting for limited vacancies.
  8. by   MelodyRNurse
    I'm in Northern DE also. I went to Del Techs ADN program. I guess I'm a little late, but since this thread is kindof old has anyone upstate had any luck?
  9. by   NsugaBuga
    I think the 'freeze' is still going on. Nobody wants to hire graduates so they cant get experience anywhere. Most of my classmates lived around our school, in the wilmington/newport area, and got jobs pretty far... in MD, dowstate and even Lancaster. A few got jobs in our area because they already had a CNA position.

    I think I was just lucky. I wasnt working at any facility and got a job pretty close by. Its a prn position in Hockessin. I think it will be easier for me to look for another job in the area after this. (I havent started)

    I had a list of basically all the facilities from my area then farther w/ their address, fax and phone. I started w/ faxing resumes. Then I'd mark off the dates I filled out their app, then call them in the mornng like it was my job. When the time ran out that they said they'd keep my app on file, I'd go and fill out another one. I was lucky enough to come back to this place because right at that time, somebody was retiring, and somebody else cut their hours... they were having a baby. That was 2 positions that needed to be filled. I'm just so happy I stayed consistent in a time when I almost wanted to give up.
  10. by   NsugaBuga
    Quote from MIC!
    I would work agency until your able to secure a job at a hospital. I am told that Grad Nurses tend to work up in northern because the pay is higher. Causing a traffic jam of new applicants hunting for limited vacancies.
    Agencies dont hire graduates. I hear they used to train and hire graduates, but thats not happening anymore because of the time and energy it took to train nurses. An owner of one told me that they would take that experience and get a regular position. A sad situation.
  11. by   SkaterGurl
    Graduates are getting hired, but they are the ones that are networking and putting in the mileage to meet-n-greet not faxing their resumes. They are pounding the pavement, meeting the managers, and attending seminars and meetings with other nurses. People who only fax and call are not the ones that get hired. You have to show your face to the managers and make a good impression. Yes, it's an old-fashioned way of doing business but it works.