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  1. Just out of curiousity. How much does this program cost??
  2. MIC!

    Took my Nclex-RN today

  3. MIC!

    Pinning Last Night, Commencement Walk Tomorrow

    Congrats!! I wish u well. Everytime I see one of these post I get a big grin on my face. And remind myself our count down to graduation. 2 days and 22 hours away.:)
  4. MIC!

    Delaware Tech nursing courses online?

    No, Deltech doesn't offer clinical courses online. You may find a couple prereq courses like medical terminology but that's about it.
  5. MIC!

    May 2010 Graduates Check-in

    My wife and I will be graduating on May 11 as LPNs :) after which we will then finishing the nursing program to become RNs. We are the first married couple to graduate as LPN's at our school. I think I'm going to change my name on this site to reflect our new status. If your program was as rigorous as our program was then you witness a lot of your class mates get left behind. My wife and I are two of the 8 who will graduate on May 11. We began with 28 students so we are truly blessed to both make it. I wish the best to all who will be graduating this month. May your new careers be lengthy and most of all satisfying!! P.S. I now understand why my school has a 99% pass rate for students who take the NCLEX. The program is so difficult! lol
  6. MIC!

    Students are cut-throat!

    Yeah, that so funny because those people who did the rolling of the eyes and talking behind people's back did not make it. My class graduates on May 11 and I couldn't be more happier.
  7. MIC!

    Delaware Tech clinical acceptance points

    I'm not sure but, I know you have to re-apply each semester if you don't secure a clinical seat at Terry Campus and Stanton. Good luck.
  8. MIC!

    Looking for fellow black nurses!

    ERIKADAWN I sent you a private message.
  9. MIC!

    I Start Clinicals Monday

    Wow, just finished the semester today. I wish u luck in January.
  10. MIC!


    Wow! If this makes you feel better. My wife and I are both in the same clinical program and our OB rotation is in January. Prey for me!!
  11. MIC!

    I Start Clinicals Monday

    I'm in the RN program. A lot of people do the RN program and take their LPN boards midway through the RN program. That is why the LPN waitlist is usually shorter. Have you taken your prereq courses Anatomy and Physiology I, Anatomy and Physiology II, etc.?? I'm not sure if your starting clinical this semester or if your beginning your prereq courses in January. I'm a little confused. If you could tell me what point your at right now I could help you better.
  12. MIC!

    I Start Clinicals Monday

    We've been to Milford Rehab, Genesis Nursing home, and Chesapeake Rehab(1day) this semester. Things are going well for me. I'm on a count down to take the boards. I'm excited! Just be mindful of all the advice given in this thread and you should be ok. And if you would like to pm me with specific questions, feel free.
  13. MIC!

    Inmates as Patients in Hospital

    I'm a correctional officer and have been for the last 5 years. I'm currently in clinicals to be an RN. As a correctional officer I transport inmates to and from hospital while accompaning them during their hospital stay. So, I can give you incite on the scope of both roles correctional officer and nurse. I think the confusion comes in at just how much authority does a correctional officer have. Well, I'll tell you what many nurses in my state don't know. While an inmate is in my custody I am awarded the powers of a State Trooper. Even when I'm going to and from my post (hospital). With that said it is the correctional officers who have the final say on how the inmate will be restrained during ambulation. Of course, advisement from medical staff is considered before a final decision is by the officers on duty. Inmates are state property no matter how you look at it. Your not going to see specific rules in your policy manual because every inmates security level is different and so are there charges. So this is why it is at the discretion of the correctional officers on duty. You as a nurse should still remain an advocate for your patient by advising correctional staff of treatments/therapy. Correctional staff on duty at hospitals must ensure that contraband does not enter the room. That no family members of the inmate contact or attempt to visit unless the inmate is terminally ill. Family members are not even allowed to know the location of the inmate in fact. Every individual who enters the inmates room is to be identified. We are also supposed to make sure the inmate is not being discriminated upon because of his status. You as a nurse don't know what the inmate is capable of. Nor do you know if your patient/inmate visit to the hospital is an elaborate plot to escape. We as correctional officers are not only watching the inmate but we are also watching YOU and other staff. We don't know if you as a nurse may possibly be in fact assisting the inmate in escaping. These are things we try to observe/detect as correctional officers. As correctional officers we have info on hand that describes the inmates charges, behavior, alias, last known address, social security # etc. This info enables us to make informed decisions when it comes to restraints needed. It is at the complete discretion of the officers on duty. So, if an officer insists on the inmate wearing cuffs after advisement from medical staff about ambulation. Just let the officer restrain him/her as the officers see fit. ITS FOR MY SAFETY, YOUR SAFETY AND THE PUBLICS SAFETY. Most officers have common sense and can differentiate whats good for security and in the best interest of the patient/inmates recovery. So an officer is not going to let an inmate develop a pressure ulcer on purpose. In fact many correctional officers work with staff nurses as teammates rather than against them. This just happened three weeks ago. We had an incident involving an inmates family member who manipulated the nurse into believing she was the power of attorney. The nurse said that the family member then asked where he was located. The nurse unaware of the policy and procedures told her the inmates room number. This situation could have gotten ugly, but I informed the nurse that the inmate is a ward of the state (state property) and that power of attorney is irrelevant at this point. And this inmate was not terminally ill. We then remained on high alert on the possibility of an attempt to escape for the rest of the night. Luckily, there was no incident after that. The moral to the story is to work with correctional officers and communicate while respecting HIPPA.
  14. MIC!

    I Start Clinicals Monday

    Well, I started this thread way back in January before I began clinicals. Now that I've gained some experience I will share. We started of with about 25 students and we are down to about 15 students now. We lost some good students who have become friends during the course of 14 weeks. For anybody starting clinicals soon... Read your text book and stay on top of it. Lilypad274 was correct in saying this. I don't care if they give you a study guide, powerpoints, and worksheets. Always read the textbook along WITH the handouts they give you in class. We had a student who unfortunately failed by one point. There are going to be trick questions on your tests. These will force you to think. They claim that they want nurses in the field who can critically think. But, they are more like trick questions to me honestly. You are probly aware of this already but MATH, MATH. Stay on top of it. There is a lot of stress that comes with the program so brace yourself. The stress is all in the effort to see who wants it bad enough. Clinicals is not easy. We had students who made the Dean List every semester up until this point. But now they are only getting C grades or lower on clinical tests. So don't underestimate clinicals. If you don't have to maintain a job then don't work during the clinical portion. It will give you more time to study. If you can hold study groups with your classmates this is beneficial. I wish I was able to host a study group but, geographically this was impossible for me.
  15. MIC!

    Anyone ever taken clinical telecourse??

    Wow, I didn't know they offered clinical telecourses at Stanton campus. Telecourses and online courses don't work with me. I wish you luck :)