Job Opportunities for ADN's

by Cruzan_RN Cruzan_RN, ADN Member Nurse

Has 4 years experience.

Hello everyone!

I have JUST completed the ADN program at Delaware Tech & I graduate in two days. While I am thrilled to have made it through, I'm also very discouraged with the job market right now. I chose Del Tech for many reasons, but one of those was also because getting a job at local hospitals has historically been "easier" for the graduates. For my future career goals I want to work in an acute care settings. I know there are other employment options but of those available, none of them are where I truly want to be and I don't want to just take a job to have one and be not be fully in it or passionate about where I am. I know it's very soon, and I've only been looking a month, but after being told multiple times that the local places only want BSN's I'm just worried.

I know that statistics show BSN's produce better patient outcomes, and I do plan to start a program in fall, I just am very disheartened right now. I didn't have the options, financially or with family support to go right into a BSN program, but now I'm worried after all the sacrifice I put into getting here, I won't have a chance at a job that'll help give me foundation for my long term goals. I also feel like the local hospitals and the ones in surrounding states feel like ADNs aren't worthy of anything, even if we are willing to go for our bachelors we just aren't good enough for them.