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  1. Cruzan_RN

    Why Do Nurses Quit?

    I’d also like to add that I have no problem getting someone a drink of water or chasing meds, because I do care about my patients. The issue I have with all of this is that with increased patient acuities & complexity, even in 12 hours, certain tasks that could be handled by other staff, pull me away from nursing tasks that cannot be handled by other staff. This compromises the care I’m able to give and patient safety. Having to deal with CNA’s/PCTs who gripe about how they can do my job better than me and how the nurses are all lazy is also frustrating. You can’t ask for help, even when explaining that you have other more important things to attend to without the aide feeling like you think your above them or your lying to get out of doing work. Speaking as a former CNA, they don’t understand our role & while I have also encountered AMAZING CNAs/PCTs, many of the ones I have encountered provide little assistance or only focus on getting vitals, but don’t toilet patients, bathe patients, answer call bells, turn patients, etc. I do all of these things, but if more often, I had someone who could “assist” me in doing these things at times so I could have more time to chart & focus on my life saving nursing tasks it would be a huge help & help relieve at least some of the stress that comes along with the job. Nursing resiliency courses and preparation are great, but even with those things nurses are bound to get worn down as, & I think people tend to forget, we are ALSO HUMAN & not magical nurse machines. The environment is what really needs to change if the profession is to retain its professionals, both inexperienced & experienced.
  2. Cruzan_RN

    Why Do Nurses Quit?

    Also when you do try to fight or speak up your blackballed.
  3. Cruzan_RN

    Why Do Nurses Quit?

    New nurse here, second career. For me, yes school doesn’t adequately prepare you for the fact that your job is going to have these ever increasing, unrealistic expectations of you. When I left school, I thought that I’d be able to provide the care necessary to promote holistic health. The reality is that, in hospitals (I can’t speak for other places as this is my only experience) short staffing, reduction of ancillary staff, cost cutting, patient satisfaction scores, etc. make it difficult to get an adequate orientation as well as behind able to appropriately do your job as a nurse once you hit the floor. When I spoke to my manager(s) & mentor about why I was struggling, they all attributed it to me being new. However, after speaking to many nurses with 15-30 years of experience, I realized everything I was feeling was not only valid, but was not solely based on me being new. They tell me ”get an advanced degree & get out, nursing is only getting worse. I thought I’d do this forever but now I feel like I can’t leave, get out while you still can”. I’m not an idiot, yes nursing is new to me, but I also had another career. I have no issues with working hard, or changing environments, I’ve always adapted well. The difference now is that every additional month I am a nurse I feel like facilities are putting my license at risk & patients lives hang in the balance. The consensus I’ve gotten from my discussion with nurses of all experience levels is that we’re expected to do more and more and it leaves less and less time to focus on nursing things. I shouldn’t be spending so much of my day calling and recalling the pharmacy & chasing meds, having to call and recall doctors to place orders before being told to put the order in myself, searching and calling floors for supplies, answering and screening phone calls for the unit, chasing down food & dietary team members because someone didn’t get the right order, being a maid and personal punching/verbal dumping bag for disgruntled patients & other staff over minor things that they feel I should be doing, and so on, all while keeping up with my nursing tasks that only I as the nurse can do. To top it off, my generation is becoming more cognizant of personal health & bedside nursing is not healthy mentally or physically. 13-14 hours on you’re feet, barely getting a 30 minute break during that time (forget about 15 minute breaks), holding your pee because the second you try to go to the bathroom call bells start going off and no aide staff is in sight & you don’t want to risk a fall happening, not being able to even have a covered water bottle at your desk to grab sips between running around (hello dehydration), then after your emotionally, mentally, physically draining day, leaving frustrated, irritated, or crying & being so SPENT that you have nothing left to give your family or yourself?! Honestly, it’s a surprise that anyone does this job anymore to me. I plan on leaving as soon I level up my degree.
  4. Cruzan_RN

    Already Over Bedside...

    .. And I know I’m not alone in this sentiment. Many of my former classmates who are less than a year at bedside are already planning their exits. Many nurses who are more experienced than I have made remarks about needing something different about it becoming “too much”. All over nursing forums and social media I see people of all years experience trying to escape the bedside or people trying to tell others how to get away from it like they did. I am over it and that makes me sad, because I want to love it, I love the close interaction with the patients. I think there’s a lot wrong with bedside nursing that needs to be addressed. I often work twelves but end up st work for 13 hours or more trying to complete charting, then commute twenty minutes to pick up my toddler late, until finally reaching home st almost 10pm. Don’t think anyone, kids or no kids enjoys staying late after a twelve hour shift on a consistent basis. The way it functions now doesn’t promote good mental, physical or emotional health for the nurses who are expected to care for the patients and the stress sent frustrstion barges into home life. It also doesn’t promote safety for patients when their caregivers are stretched thin, floors are understaffed, ratios don’t promote safe patient care or even some of the basic care needed. A lot of information I see online about dealing with stress at the bedside and work life balance tells the nurse what they can do but doesn’t address policies, poor practices and how cheap healthcare acts when it comes to hiring adequate staff and how that impacts us. I don’t think it’s too much to want a rewarding career but to also want to be able to get home to family on time, take vacations when you want (at my hospital we can’t request weekends off so we have to schedule vacation around weekends) or have a reasonable work life balance. As as a new nurse I’m not sure what I can do outside of bedside at this time since a lot of jobs require experience but I’m just not very happy here.
  5. Cruzan_RN

    Considering Moving to NY..

    Hello all, Currently I am located in Delaware and finishing my ADN in one more semester. I've been here for the majority of my life and I've been traveling more and I'm just ready to experience life in a new place. New York is on my list of possibilities but I just want to hear from current NYC nurses about salary and how you fair with the cost of living in the city. I will be moving with my son and fiancé. My fiancé is pre-med and attempting to get into medical school (hopefully in one of the places we choose to go) so we're looking to find something "manageable" since he may not be working as much. Any and all input is appreciated !
  6. Cruzan_RN

    Nursing School Makes Me Feel Stupid

    I hate that I study so much and I know the information but I'm in my third semester with one more to go and I'm drowning in Med Surg III. The information isn't difficult, I do practice questions all the time, but then I get the questions and feel like none of the information was covered. I've looked at all the different kinds of tips for studying and practicing but I just failed my second exam. Have one more and then the final. My confidence is shot. I feel like i'm going to fail this course & that I won't make it through school at this point. I love nursing and i love the information & I do well in clinical and I know I'll make a great nurse but these tests.... I hate them. Idk what to do anymore & if I fail out of the program I'm not going to bother to re-apply. I put two years of my life & working on hold to do this and I have a son to take care of.
  7. Hi everyone, I'll be finishing up nursing school within the next year & I'm trying to land a job as a PCT or safety companion while I finish. I'm hoping to start off on a med surg floor at Christiana Care either with Christiana hospital or Wilmington once I pass the NCLEX but I was wondering how much the starting pay there is for a new grad. The other posts that talk about it are years old and I'm sure it's changed by now. I know it's a bit early and I don't have a job locked in, but I just want to get an idea of the starting pay. I'm really determined to work there because I loved the atmosphere during clinicals. Any updated info would be helpful; thanks!
  8. Cruzan_RN

    DelTech Nursing 2017

    Hey you guys I'm finishing second level at Del tech Stanton; if you have any questions feel free to message me
  9. Cruzan_RN

    Dtcc stanton clinical schedule

    Yeah im about to finish second level now. They do offer night clinicals & 170 was a bit different, the offered morning, afternoon and night, after that it's just morning and night, but lecture is always during the day. Also so the schedule changes from semester to semester and day to day as far as your one day off during the week and times that you spend in class. For 170 and 180 expect to spend extra time in the lab outside of class practicing your skills for sign off. Personally I think 170 was the best time to work as long as you have a schedule and stay on top of your school work, but after that it gets more difficult because the courses are 8 weeks, there's a lot to cover, it's fast paced so you have to study a lot, and sometimes you're in lecture most of the day (for example 9am-2pm) sometimes later. recruit friends and family to help out with your son cuz you will definitely need it. Clinical is Monday and Tuesday and starts at 6:30 am and you have to be there on time; my mom drops my son off on those days. My best friend/his godmom picks him up from daycare Tuesday and Wednesday so I can get a break or stay at the library late to get some work done and when I come home he's in bed or ready for bed. you'll need the support! Good luck to you
  10. Cruzan_RN

    Preparing for NLN

    I just bought that yesterday! Ok so on the right track :)
  11. Cruzan_RN

    Preparing for NLN

    Thank you! :)
  12. Cruzan_RN

    2014 Ranking for DTCC?

    I can't do spring just yet cuz my son is due mid semester; I don't have chem 110 yet either. Thanks I will definitely inbox you!
  13. Cruzan_RN

    Preparing for NLN

    I'm in Delaware: the job market for RN here is much better than DH (no jobs are ever posted are avail where as RN has many more avail here) n because if the economy good jobs are scarce regardless of what you do so I'm not discouraged if it takes me awhile to find a job in RN, I can work doing other things until I find something if I do have any issue, but anything I can get will be better than the customer service job I've been working up until now. I was only saying it's a better career choice for where I am than DH is, but as I states the economy sucks for almost everyone right now so I'm just trying to choose the better options
  14. Cruzan_RN

    2014 Ranking for DTCC?

    Does anyone know what the current ranking sheet looks like? I can't locate it anywhere online! I will be switching majors from dental hygiene to RN n DH always had theirs available. I completed AP 1 & 2 with a B. I am a DE resident, I was exempt from rdg 120, completed eng 121 with an A & Soc 111 with an A. gpa is at 3.0 currently. I still need to take micro, mat119, eng 122, & psy 127, which I'm positive I can ace if I buckle down & study. I also need to take the HLH 130 apparently & the NLN-Pax & I plan on taking chem 110 as a refresher & to also help boost my gpa. I'm planning & hoping to score high on everything, id just really like to tally my current score & also try to plan as well. I'm giving myself a year to complete this (since I'm a mom to be). Does anyone know the ranking & also do you all think doing three classes per semester would be too much with a kid & job? I was thinking of doing eng 122 & psy127 online & Chm 110 during summer & micro, math 119 & HLH in fall.
  15. Cruzan_RN

    GPA not good enough?

    I think your gpa is great! I currently have a 3.0 & I have some pre-reqs left so I can boost it but I may take an additional course or retake a course to boost it further. My school required a minimum of 2.0 but recently bumped it to 2.5. It sounds like your school is highly impacted as the ithers said. I think u should give it a shot anyway but look at other schools or consider taking an additional course or two to boost the gpa
  16. Cruzan_RN

    Preparing for NLN

    Hi all!! I recently decided to change my major from DH to RN because there seems to be more opportunity, job availability & room for growth. I reevaluated my decision because I now have a son on the way & want to be able to have a stable job with good benefits that I still love! I don't have to start over because I have most of my pre-reqs already complete, I just have to take a math, English, micro biology & psychology. I plan on taking a refresher chem course & of course I need to take the NLN-PAX. I have a great gpa & I'm more than confident I will ace the remaining pre-reqs, but I'm nervous about the NLN. I have acquired a review guide & disk with practice tests so I'm going to start studying now. How long did you guys dedicate to studying before feeling prepared? A few months? Did u take any classes or do you recommend taking any? I'm not that great in math or chem so I know I'll need refreshers on those. Im aiming to score no less than 93 on the test. Any by & all advice from those who have taken it would be appreciated :)

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