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  1. Why Do Nurses Quit?

    I’d also like to add that I have no problem getting someone a drink of water or chasing meds, because I do care about my patients. The issue I have with all of this is that with increased patient acuities & complexity, even in 12 hours, certain t...
  2. Why Do Nurses Quit?

    Also when you do try to fight or speak up your blackballed.
  3. Why Do Nurses Quit?

    New nurse here, second career. For me, yes school doesn’t adequately prepare you for the fact that your job is going to have these ever increasing, unrealistic expectations of you. When I left school, I thought that I’d be able to provide the care ne...
  4. Already Over Bedside...

    .. And I know I’m not alone in this sentiment. Many of my former classmates who are less than a year at bedside are already planning their exits. Many nurses who are more experienced than I have made remarks about needing something different about it...
  5. Already Tired of Bedside

    Before I begin, let me just say I love my unit & my patients and the majority of the staff I work with is amazing. Idk if it's a first year thing or what, but I'm so exhausted. Bedside is very overwhelming and I often feel like I have to do my j...
  6. Job Opportunities for ADN's

    Hello everyone! I have JUST completed the ADN program at Delaware Tech & I graduate in two days. While I am thrilled to have made it through, I'm also very discouraged with the job market right now. I chose Del Tech for many reasons, but one of ...
  7. Job Hunting in DE before Graduation

    Currently I am on spring break, but once its over I will have 3 weeks of class & final week and then I will be done & hopefully on my way to graduation. I have completed my resume & I have a cover letter template ready, but a lot of the j...
  8. Considering Moving to NY..

    Hello all, Currently I am located in Delaware and finishing my ADN in one more semester. I've been here for the majority of my life and I've been traveling more and I'm just ready to experience life in a new place. New York is on my list of possibili...
  9. I hate that I study so much and I know the information but I'm in my third semester with one more to go and I'm drowning in Med Surg III. The information isn't difficult, I do practice questions all the time, but then I get the questions and feel lik...
  10. Present Starting Salary for Christiana Care RN

    Thank You, I have one year left at DelTech so I've been trying to get in there. I really don't want to work in homehealth right out of school. I want to get on a medsurg floor and build my skills a bit before I venture off elsewhere. I may try to g...
  11. Hi everyone, I'll be finishing up nursing school within the next year & I'm trying to land a job as a PCT or safety companion while I finish. I'm hoping to start off on a med surg floor at Christiana Care either with Christiana hospital or Wilmin...
  12. DelTech Nursing 2017

    Hey you guys I'm finishing second level at Del tech Stanton; if you have any questions feel free to message me
  13. Dtcc stanton clinical schedule

    Yeah im about to finish second level now. They do offer night clinicals & 170 was a bit different, the offered morning, afternoon and night, after that it's just morning and night, but lecture is always during the day. Also so the schedule chang...
  14. That's what I'm trying to do because it seems like the best fit but the company I work for or got hired for is very disorganized. I've been trying to get scheduled with them but they only call on days I'm not available.
  15. The main issue I have with workstudy is the pay, since I'm the only one providing for my son I need to make a little more than what work studies offer.