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Hey everyone!

I just finished up my pre-reqs at the Terry campus and I plan to take the TEAS test next month(wish me luck!). I'm wondering if anyone has gotten accepted into the program somewhat recently and remembers what rankings they normally pull from? Do those that make 14/16 or 15/16 overall ranking score have a chance in getting accepted into the program? ect. I'm pretty new to this whole process so any other information/tips would be greatly appreciated!


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Good luck! I just started in the program on Jan. 8th at the Stanton campus and I got into the program with 13 points. I think it really depends on how many are applying as to what ranking points they use. Pretty always those with 15 & 16 points will get in. 14 points usually will unless there is a huge amount of 15 & 16 points and then depending the 13 points about half get in to the program.

Any other questions, feel free to let me know!




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I want to first say good luck with the TEAS it will be a breeze. I am a recent graduate from the terry campus (dec 2017) and I can tell you that I got in the first time with 14 points. I honestly feel that overall if you do well on that (5/6points) you will have no problem getting in. Also the time in which you want to take classes has a lot to do with it as well (day/night&weekend). I was in the night program and loved every minute of it. Days obviously has more applicants but if going to class in the evening is not a issue I would say put down both on your application that way you have more opportunity to get in. Good luck with all your future endeavors.