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  1. deRN17

    finished at 75 items

    You finished congratulations!! I have recently taken my NCLEX exam and I was in the same situation, 75 questions followed by case study then survey questions and on Monday 1/29 I found out that I became a RN! So I hope this gives you some calm :)
  2. deRN17

    DTCC RN program tips

    I want to first say good luck with the TEAS it will be a breeze. I am a recent graduate from the terry campus (dec 2017) and I can tell you that I got in the first time with 14 points. I honestly feel that overall if you do well on that (5/6points) you will have no problem getting in. Also the time in which you want to take classes has a lot to do with it as well (day/night&weekend). I was in the night program and loved every minute of it. Days obviously has more applicants but if going to class in the evening is not a issue I would say put down both on your application that way you have more opportunity to get in. Good luck with all your future endeavors.

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