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DaniB77 has 5 years experience as a LPN, EMT-B.

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  1. DaniB77

    Delaware Tech Ranking Points

    They do clinicals for Med/Surg classes at Christiana, Wilmington and St. Francis. For Mental Health at Rockford or Meadow Wood, Maternity at Christiana and Peds is at Nemours/A.I. DuPont. Community clinical is at many different locations depending on what you choose- it may be a school, hospice facility, etc.
  2. DaniB77

    DTCC RN program tips

    Good luck! I just started in the program on Jan. 8th at the Stanton campus and I got into the program with 13 points. I think it really depends on how many are applying as to what ranking points they use. Pretty always those with 15 & 16 points will get in. 14 points usually will unless there is a huge amount of 15 & 16 points and then depending the 13 points about half get in to the program. Any other questions, feel free to let me know! Dani
  3. DaniB77

    Delaware Tech Ranking Points

    I am currently taking the HLH Class in the 16 week block and I agree with Got2B that it kind of drags during lecture. Apparently this semester is the only one that they are doing the full semester for HLH and will go back to doing the 8 week course in the Spring. I don't find it that difficult but I'm also an EMT so I have somewhat of an advantage to some of the material.
  4. DaniB77

    Typical cellular data use in NS

    Other students who are in your clinicals and classes will be once of your greatest resources in nursing school. I have 3 other girls who I was in AP 1 & 2 with and we have all been accepted to start clinicals in January. A group who was in our AP classes started together this past August and they still study together, etc. and have helped each other get through the first few exams and doing so with passing grades. Our A&P instructor had told us that having a group to study with and get support from is the best thing we could do for each other.
  5. So the accelerated program for January 2018 start would then end in May 2019. You would do Spring, Summer, Fall, Spring. The traditional program is Spring, Fall, Spring, Fall with the summer off and graduate Dec. 2019.
  6. DaniB77

    Nurses who are on anxiety/depression meds?

    I'm a nursing student and currently take Effexor two times a day and I take Trazadone to help me sleep. Being a single mom of teenage twins (their father is deceased), scout leader, band parent secretary and a child who has his own mental health issues have taken its toll. I'm not ashamed of needing the meds to be able to handle everything because without it I'd probably end up hospitalized myself.
  7. DaniB77

    Delaware Tech Ranking Points

    Woohoo! Congrats DMB125!
  8. DaniB77

    Delaware Tech Ranking Points

    I got my letter today in the mail- it's dated Sept. 11, 2017...so I hope that everyone has theirs today or tomorrow. I made it!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so excited!
  9. DaniB77

    Delaware Tech Ranking Points

    It could be to see how many applicants will need to take HLH 130 in Oct/Nov/Dec so they are ready to go for clinical in January.
  10. DaniB77

    Delaware Tech Ranking Points

    Absolutely Got2b! I keep hoping we'll get the acceptance letters soon than the end of the month, because seriously the wait is killing me!
  11. DaniB77

    Delaware Tech Ranking Points

    Congrats Almost! When did you get your acceptance letter?? I'm really hoping that Stanton sent them and we have them by the end of the week....the wait is killing me!
  12. DaniB77

    Delaware Tech Ranking Points

    LOL I'm no spring chicken myself Got2B- I'll be 40 in about a month. I have friends from my A&P classes that started clinicals this semester who are in their late 40's/50's so we'll all be great together! I was in the same boat, putting it off several times due to my kids, finances, family stuff, etc. I said I'm doing it for me now and nothing is going to stop me!
  13. DaniB77

    A&P 1 or A&P 2 harder? Take with another lab science?

    I took A&P I with Basic Chemistry-I got a C in A&P and a B in Chem. I took A&P II along with Medical Terminology. I had to retake A&P II over the summer with a Math for Nurses class and got a B in both of those. I do agree that A&P II is a bit more difficult and taking it in 8 weeks will make it more difficult because it is a fast paced class over a 16 week period, much less 8 weeks.
  14. Just trying to connect with some other DTCC pre-nursing students. I've applied for January admission and now just waiting until around September 15th to find out if I get in or not. All of my classes are done except Intro to Microbiology & HLH 130 which I'm taking this semester.
  15. DaniB77

    Delaware Tech Ranking Points

    Dmb125 Good luck to you too and maybe we'll have clinicals together. :)
  16. DaniB77

    DTCC (Delaware Tech) student 2017

    I applied last January for August admission and missed getting in due to the high number of applicants with 16 points so I'm reapplying after retaking Math 129 to get a better grade. I have 13 points for ranking this time, so I'm hoping I will make it in. For the Fall semester I'm taking HLH, Intro to Microbiology & Technical Writing. I attend at the Stanton campus. Good luck! Dani