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  1. What's your best 'Nurse Hack'?

    1-At bedside report, flush all IV's so you know they work. If they need to be removed, you will know and can plan accordingly. 2-Plan your shift appropriately: if you are able to, write down the med schedule for each patient on a single sheet of pap...
  2. Concealed Carry for Caregivers

    Not to mention all the arms sold from the US to various military regimes in South America, which a study has proven to fall into the illegal weapons route. It's easy for that to happen when you have soldiers (in SA) that can make money selling such ...
  3. Is it possible to get the holidays off?

    I work at a 200-bed hospital. We alternate holidays but I actually like working them. It is the time when some of our patients are not visited (perhaps no family close) and some are completely alone. We do our best to let them know we care about t...
  4. ACLS should always be 2 days and in person!

    I work in a step-down unit and we are required to have ACLS. We get pulled to the ICU and go down to the ED during trauma alerts. We typically have about 3-5 codes per month (hospital-wide). We use the online certification & renewal for ACLS a...
  5. Why is it inappropriate to stand up for yourself?

    I had a similar situation when I was doing clinical rotation at Mom & Baby. The lactation consultant had just talked with the mom about breastfeeding etc. The mom asked me a question totally unrelated to breastfeeding (it was about laundry dete...
  6. Useless Hospital Committees

    I consider myself pretty lucky to work in a hospital that has effective committees. They are truly the movers and shakers and get things done. I will say to the op, the "patient satisfaction" committee has a purpose. Satisfaction scores drive reimb...
  7. Pearsonvue Trick - Does it Work Every Time? Part 3

    I took the N-CLEX on Jan 12th at 8. The computer shut off at 75 questions. I felt horrible (just like I did for the PN test lol). By 2pm, I did the Pearson Vue trick and got the "good" pop-up. I did it about every hour. The next morning, I kept gett...
  8. American Red Cross and Hipaa

    I can tell you, being on the other side not knowing what is going on with a loved one can be extremely stressful. I was in the service overseas and only knew (from a distorted ham-radio relayed call) that my mother was in the hospital. My commanding...
  9. How long for DE endorsement???

    You can call the Board of Nursing and talk to them, they are really nice and can tell the length of time it should take. Bear in mind that we are heading into the holidays, and things tend to slow down as far as getting processed.
  10. Advice for pre-nursing student

    Most of the hospitals in my area prefer 2 years before they consider hiring for Mom & Baby/OB. They like to see well-rounded (i.e. Med-Surg) experience first. And with the aging population, most of who you will see there is, the elderly. If you ...
  11. facility responsibility to the obese

    People make poor dietary choices because: it's easier, it's cheaper, it's what they've always chosen, they don't know any better, it tastes better, everybody else is eating it, etc. You can educate them, provide them with substitute choices that ta...
  12. Do home health (visiting) nurses usually work on holidays?

    It depends on the agency and the type of visitations. For the home health agency I worked for, the nurses worked holidays, weekends, snow, sleet, etc. They stayed home if the roads were closed due to a state of emergency-that was the only reason fo...
  13. nursing jobs in delaware

    I know a lot of the temp agencies are hiring (like Bayada). It's a good way to gain experience and get your foot in the door. Also, Bayhealth is hiring for pt/per diem but you have to be persistent and have great references.
  14. Done with nursing school!

    Congratulations & Good Luck on the NCLEX!!!!! What an amazing journey, huh? I finish this December...taking one summer class to lighten the load, then I'll have two classes, three clinical settings, three finals, one NCLEX, one mini-vaca, then on...
  15. Will I be shunned?

    I have spent the whole 2 years of school studying alone. I have participated in group projects and have gone out with my classmates as well. I don't feel that I have been shunned or that I have shunned anyone in return. People are busy and each perso...