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  1. I've looked in the Kaplan book and can't find it! Thanks! I know it's just to see where you are, but I know they want a 60% for some tests and a 65% for others. Just freaking out because I didn't get a 60!
  2. Under the gun here and need to decide if I can get this done in 5 weeks, begging for advice or help from anyone who's taken it! Instructor is (moderator edit of name), Book is http://www.amazon.com/Understanding-Pathophysiology-Sue-Huether-PhD/dp/0323049907/ref=cm_cr_pr_product_top Please help! Any info about the course or the 6 tests would be appreciated!
  3. nursing8648

    Salisbury University 2nd Degree BSN

    I got my letter and was waitlisted as well, so will be making other plans!
  4. nursing8648

    Salisbury University 2nd Degree BSN

    Who's applied for 2010? Heard anything yet? Anyone currently IN the program? Love to hear any details!! I've applied for Fall 2010 admission, but haven't heard anything yet!
  5. Have you heard that more and more hospitals in Central and Southern DE are looking for BSN's rather than ADN's?
  6. nursing8648

    Converting BA to BSN Degree

    I 2nd the above post, however, all I have heard of require you to do the program full time as they are very intense. No way to work a FT job while doing one. Maybeyou can look at a local CC program as they will often have courses in the evenings on a part time basis. Then at least you will have your RN and then can go back to get your BSN or do an RN to MSN program.
  7. I am finding a wide range of clinical hours for nursing schools, and am wondering how many your programs have total? Also, please note whether your program is a diploma, Associates, or Bachelor's Degree please. I am thinking that the more hours the better, is this correct? Looking forward to seeing what the average is-thanks!
  8. nursing8648

    Patho & Pharmo Summer Online Classes?

    University of Nebraska has an online patho course than you can up to a year to to complete, or you can do it over the summer.
  9. I've heard many people comment regarding different schools and their clinical requirements, isn't there some type of standard for this? If not, what is the "normal" number of clinical hours to obtain your RN? Thanks! Locally, people are telling me to go to a diploma program because I will have more clinical hours then if I do an ABSN at my 2 local colleges. I just figured the actual hours would have to be the same to be prepared as a nurse.
  10. nursing8648

    Best Books to read for a Pre-Nursing Student?

    I was looking on Amazon, and found several Nursing books on how to love Nursing School, preparation, etc. That's the type of thing I am looking for for casual reading before I actually get into the program. Thanks!
  11. Please forgive me is this info is on here somewhere, I did a search and did not find what I was looking for. I am looking for books that you have read that are helpful for a pre- nursing or 1st year NS to read about study habits, what to expect at clinicals, and any other sort of info that is helpful! Also-any great books on the best ways to study for NS? Thanks!
  12. nursing8648

    Anyone go to or plan to go to Beebe School of Nursing?

    Thanks so much, I have spoken with one girl who went there and she loved it (well hated it at first, but loved it later) and said the same thing you did regarding being tough but ending up prepared. What year did you go?
  13. I really wanted to go the ABSN route, but that might not be possible due to distance and money, so am looking at Beebe School of Nursing. Anyone have any experiences they would like to share?
  14. nursing8648

    How long of a commute do you/will you have to your school

    Moving isn't an option, and these 2 programs are the only ABSN programs that are even remotely close to me. Both are good programs from what I hear, so I am planning to apply to both and hope I get in to at least one! I know a 1.5 drive will be a pain, but it's only for 17 months of my life, so I figure I can do anything for that amount of time! Plus the 1st 14 weeks you only go once a week. I am sure I will get sick of the drive, but I don't really have any other options due to where I live! It's 45 minutes (at least) or 1.5 hours!
  15. nursing8648

    What class/classes are you taking this Summer'09

    I am taking Chemistry online through the U of Nebraksa, and A & P 1 through my local CC.
  16. I am torn between two programs for my ABSN. One is about 45 minutes away, and the other is about 1.5 hours away. My family will support me either way, but they think that a 3 hour total commute to school for 17 months will get old really quick. I know the 1st semester you only have to go for one day, but the other 14 or so months I think it's about everyday with clinicals and all. So how far do you or will you commute to your school? For those of you with a longer commute, how is it going? Thanks!