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Please forgive me is this info is on here somewhere, I did a search and did not find what I was looking for. I am looking for books that you have read that are helpful for a pre- nursing or 1st year NS to read about study habits, what to expect at clinicals, and any other sort of info that is helpful!

Also-any great books on the best ways to study for NS? Thanks!

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I'm not sure of what all else is out there, but as far as clinical rotations go, they'll vary widely by what nursing school program you're in and how they handle it. My clinicals were rigorous in terms of the preparation req'd the evening before...we'd go to the hospital and find out our assigned patient(s) (our instructor would leave a list for us). Then we had to get the patient's chart (when the docs/nurses didn't need it) and read everything we could. Had to copy down all meds the patients was on, and any procedures/tests scheduled for the next morning. We'd then go back to our room, and break out the drug-reference books to write up "drug cards" on each and every med. We had to memorize what the drug was's "indications", as well as any "contraindications" given. Also the common side-effects, standard dosages, etc. Same thing for procedures and tests our patient was to experience. The instructor would grill us on these! She was there all day, throughout the shift, watching us, working with us. The staff nurse didn't need to interact with us too much.

Some of my clinical rotation experiences were very difficult, most were great learning adventures and went well, and some were absolutely comical! I actually wrote about it in my book, and it made for some fun reminiscing, especially about the very first clinical rotation I was in OB, and I was absolutely terrified! I think my instructor that day took great delight in assigning the patient she gave to me... :chuckle Aah yes, you'll have great stories to tell, too!

As an RN, however, over the years I experienced some very different scenarios with the student nurses who would come to the hospital. With one of the nursing schools, their instructors often showed up with them in the morning, gave them a patient assignment, brought them to the staff nurse assigned to the same patient to introduce us, and then LEFT for the entire shift, only to show up during the shift change to hear "report." Most staff nurses used these poor students as nurse's aids. I couldn't ever do it. There were times when I was so busy that I told the instructor that I would NOT take students that day. Not because I didn't enjoy the students...I did! But I refused to take a nursing student and assign her to vital signs, bedbaths, feedings, and bedpan duty for 8 hours. I loved to TEACH these students, and if I couldn't be of value to them, I just couldn't do it. It takes TIME to teach during your shift. Where these instructors went was always beyond me...and I was pretty disappointed by them. But the students I did work with seemed to appreciate what we did together. I hope your experience will be a good one!

As for the other topics you mentioned, I've written about some of these also, but I'm not sure specifically what you're habits? I'd say study HARD! Nursing school is rigorous. You already have a Bachelor's degree, your profile says, so you already have an idea of the college're not looking at another Bachelor's degree program for nursing, or are you?

I hope some of this has been helpful, feel free to email me if you're looking for something more specific?

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I was looking on Amazon, and found several Nursing books on how to love Nursing School, preparation, etc. That's the type of thing I am looking for for casual reading before I actually get into the program. Thanks!


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I read through How to Survive and Maybe even Love Nursing School. It had some good insight. I would recommend it.

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Should I Be A Nurse? A Journey of Self-Exploration for Those Considering a Career in Nursing is one of mine that you may enjoy, too. It's gotten good reviews.

Best of luck to you!

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I'm also a pre-nursing student. When I graduated from HS this past june I got a Amazon Kindle 2.3 and on it I brought a pre-nursing book entitled The Ultimate Guide to Getting into Nursing School by Genevieve E. Chandler, RN PhD. It is on the amazon website, you should check it out. I love it. If you also wantsome actual books on nursing to give you an Idea of what you might study in school I reccomend All Things Nursing and Fudamentals of nursing made Incredibly Easy . Hope this helps.:D

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The book "What Smart Students Know" really helped me come up with some kick-arse study habits.

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