Solve A Neurologic Mystery - page 3

Solve this neurologic mystery: RS is a 70 year old, lady who lives independently in a first floor apartment in the city. She has no close relatives but has neighbors who know her very well and check in on her from time to... Read More

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    Very interesting read, thanks for the presentation.
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    thanks for posting the case denoument... very detailed and informative, with many elements I would not have thought of.
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    Very awesome case study to share with us. Please share more in the future!
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    I agree. Please do share more of these in the future! It's a great exercise in critical thinking.
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    Hey you left out the MRI result!!!! LOL.

    Great case......Thanks!
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    I love this kind of stuff, very interesting. I was thinking thyroid storm along with Rhab. Thanks for the presentation. It's great to see how other nurses think.
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    This is really, really good. In my line of duty, we can almost always look closely at the link between how patient presents, and meds that may or may not have been taken appropriately--between BP meds and Lasix you can pretty much set your clock by some of the presentations.

    I spend lots of time educating on BP meds (no, by finishing the bottle last week doesn't mean you are cured) and Lasix (I know you don't want to pee every 5 minutes, yet, here we are...).

    Again, very cool and thanks for sharing!
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    Serotonin syndrome from Paxil. It has hyperreflexia, agitation, high hr and temp. It can cause rhabdo. Tx w/ serotonin antagonist ?clonipine?
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    Awesome Exercise!!!!!
    Please post more
    Hope I can get in on discussion before over next post.
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    This was awesome.. took some time to really focus in to analyze the situation and possible scenarios but it was almost an adrenaline rush to find the right answer. Thanks! I look forward to more of these case studies!
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