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Psychiatric Nursing/Case Management
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TASHA_RN_BSN has 10 years experience and specializes in Psychiatric Nursing/Case Management.

I just completed my BSN 9/2012 and was considering a MSN program so I can become a DON in Psychiatric nursing. After taking to a fellow nurse she mentioned to me the opportunities available as a Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner. I am currently doing research on online programs in the state of Texas. I need to be accepted are enrolled for 2013. I have to take statistics and I will be going to a community college soon.

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    Just got fired-AGAIN!

    Hey Jaye, I have been a behavioral health nurse for 13 years, I was reading your post and I thought Axis: Borderline personality. I am a very blunt person and I am only giving you feedback because you seem like you need to work. 2 things your in trouble about 1. Taking on to much 2. D/C meds. I can Telly you from a case manager standpoint you can get medications if you wanted them. Especially psych meds. I will pray for Jaye to find her niche. Try telephonic case management. You can work from home in your PJ or heck I had on panties....lol but the people on the phone didn't know. Now since I don't know you from Adam I give a word of advice you can't take of anyone if your dead.

    University of Southern Indiana ???

    You cannot find an NP program that is 100% on line. You will always have 400hr-700hr for your practium. Also some programs require you to go onsite for your physical assessment portion. This is information based on my personal research.

    New ADON feeling overwhelmed

    What type of doubts are you having?

    Managing difficult nurse managers

    These two are considered 2nd chance employers. Health Care Wellcare (210) 454-5913 Girling Home Health Care 5282 Medical Drive San Antonio, TX 78229-4849 (210) 616-0212

    LVN with stipulations!!!!!

    Sorry to hear you are having a rough time. I know of places in SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS. Have you tried a google search? What type of stipulations do you have?

    Got my RN license in CA with 5 felonies and 3 midemeanors

    Congratulations to you; this is what habilitation is all about. Everyone deserves a second chance, I'm proud of you

    Fellow DON's....I need some advice please...

    How is the new job going? I have been reading the history on this thread and my heart went out to you.

    Anyone have experience working for Daybreak Venture?

    I'm intervieing next week with them. Did you get an offer?

    Depression and anxiety in the NICU

    I am a former NICU nurse, I loved it as well. One thing that I know, if a job is affecting you physical & psychosocial wellness you have to seek resources. EAP is a great idea, I had called them once when I hit & killed a dog on the road and I couldn't calm down or stop shaking. I would never suggest or consider you leaving your passion, but you have to take care of you 1st. I am a woman of God; prayer & faith has helped me deal with a boatload of mental drama. I wish you the best in your endeavors.

    Case Study: Solve A Neurologic Mystery

    If you click on page 2, the author of this thread leaves the answer.

    Case Study: Solve A Neurologic Mystery

    The answer is on page 2.

    Case Study: Solve A Neurologic Mystery

    I was thinking Serotonin insufficiency syndrome. All of the bedside things that have been mentioned sounds about right. I could love to see what her Serotonin levels are. I am more psych and less medical. I am really leaning towards the fact that she aspirated and CVA due to the hypertension that was experienced upon EMS arrival. My two cents.

    University of South Alabama PMHNP Students 2013-2015

    CrazyPrePMHNP!Haha I love it. Congratulations to you, I'm so excited for you

    Managing difficult nurse managers

    MrChichagoRN, Thanks so much for your feedback. Do you believe that a breach in confidentiality only deserved a "note" in her file? i was pursuing something more serious. Breach of confidently is considered a serious offense in our policy, which requires a "level". I have conducted meetings will all my direct reports upon my initial arrival which were 1:1. With my nurse managers I have weekly meeting with them to develop a rapport. Two of my nurses managers a new to there position however they have been with the company for 5+ years. I have also statred in the month of May documenting the nurses that have attendance issues, eventualky i expect my nurse managers to do this. Went i took the position i knew it would be a challange, I am staying prayed up and asking God for guidance. I think that your suggestion is great with regards to presenting the HR policy. I do have 50+ things to do plus other deartment complaints. I came into the facility on the "delinquent list" Again thanks and I really feel better.

    Managing difficult nurse managers

    I am so frustrated with my staff. I have 12 direct reports and my direct reports have about 80 nurses. I just started this job in April and no ones performance evaluations have been completed since 2009. Hard to complain when my boss is my predecessor, he did not do anything. I was monitoring my direct reports, time & attendance to determine if nurse managers are being consistent with coaching. Well come to find out one nurse had major attendance issues. 75% of the time was late absent or leaving early. No one has held her accountable. So I tell my direct report she needs to deal with her. (Write up), she ask for my help and I consult legal & HR. since there was no prior documentation, legal advised a formal verbal warning & initation of performance plan. Everything went smooth, the nurses has no doubt of her expectations. Here where it gets interesting, the same nurse came to me to file an administrative complaint against her supervisor. My direct report send a text message to a non manager nurse stating that I went easy on her direct report with her attendance issue because the nurse "hit my soft spot" saying her children had been sick. Funny thing is the text message went to her direct report the one that she was talking about versus the nurse that it was intended for. Now we have a huge mess. 1. Confidentiality violation 2. Innappropriate manager relationship 3. Talking crap about me when I was the one who brought this to her attention I am very frustrated at this point & disappointed in my nurse. Any feedback would be great.

    Ack! I'm being published!


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