NTI 2013 Boston!!!!!! AN will be there......

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    AN will be going to NTI in Boston. Come and join us, great giveaways, lots of fun and exciting new stuff. Make sure you stop by and tell us your user name and we will have something special.......bookmark this thread for updates....
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    My husband is not a nurse and he can't wait to go!
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    See you there!!
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    See y'all there again this year.
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    Make sure everyone stops by our booth!!!!!
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    Visit allnurses Booth 1124 in Career Opportunities section ...across from Army nurse recruiting.

    Mention you are AN member for a special gift.

    Lots of giveaways including AN Cartoon notepads, back pack, 40,000 pens and $$ gift cards. Hope to meet you all!
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    I am diligently saving my $$ for next year's NTI. I'm also working on an abstract to submit.

    Enjoy it everyone!!!!!!
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    I'm so upset, I had to deal with an emergency and couldn't make it to NTI, at the last minute:/. I wonder if they would credit some of my $ to next year?
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    It was so great to meet you all there! whoo hoo! thanks for letting AKY and I be a part of it in some small way! How is it going?
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    Convention is going great! It was nice to meet so many AN members and introduce the site to thousands RN's who were unaware we existed. Thanks to Liddle Noodnik and aknottedyarn for helping out in the booth.

    Still have 500 backpacks, $350.00 in Visa gift cards and an I-pad mini being raffled off at 10AM Thursday, so stop by earlyto get your badge scanned.
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