NTI 2012 Orlando, who's going? Visit AN Booth May 22nd-24th - page 2

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    Im' going and I'll definitely stop by. I'll be flying in from Texas. No one else from my hospital is going....so I get to cut up and feel confident that what happens in Orlando will truly stay in Orlando. lol
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    Can't wait to see everyone. When you stop by our booth, make sure to tell us you are a member! We will have a special gift for you.
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    Just registered to go. Going by myself
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    Quote from livingonadream
    Just registered to go. Going by myself
    Stop by the booth for a free goodie bag and enter our Megaprize Drawing by getting your badge scan. Just tell the staff your AN name to redeem your gifts!
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    Excited for this years NTI! Definitely will be stopping by the AN booth...what # will it be this year? Excited to meet everyone
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    We look forward to seeing you in Orlando at booth #3614.
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    I can't wait till 2015, when it's in San Diego and thus on my side of the Rockies! I'll find some way to get there
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    Can't wait til NTI. I go yearly and am getting excited
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    Froedtert Health will be there from Wisconsin!! Stop by our booth and talk to Tracey and Beth!!
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    We will be setting up tomorrow. Can't wait!!!
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    Got in late last night. Excited to be here
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    Come on by booth 3614. We will be waiting with backpacks, pens, notepads and other things. Make sure you scan your badge for a chance at ipod Touches and an iPad!
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    12 minutes till exhibit hall opens

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