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  1. livingonadream

    Who do you report to?

    Thanks for the responses. Who I report to has changed recently. It was more because I could not get any direction from my former boss unless he was randomly trying to micro-manage me. While health and safety co-exist, we have different functions. Now they big task at hand is trying to figure out who is responsible for what. I was doing responsibilities that were not part of my job description because safety didn't want to do them. I wish the frustration would end but I just have to keep reminding myself why I am doing what I am doing. I defend myself daily with what I have done and changes I have made. Work comp claims have decreased by 50%. There are still injuries but they are just managed differently most in part to stronger health staff.
  2. I recently started at a company and I am perplexed by the stuff employees get away with. I'm sure there is similar stuff everywhere but it's out of control where I work. There are little to no policies in place. People report injuries whenever they like. We have on site clinic and therapy. People show up when they want, follow restrictions when they want, and only give me return to work info when they want. The injury has turned into an excuse. They have no responsibility. Since I have started, I see it has been an issue. I replaced a CNA that sent everyone to the hospital and did whatever an employee told her. I have been given permission to develop a policy related to work comp. I have some ideas but don't want to miss any loop holes. What works for your company to get back the control.
  3. livingonadream

    Can a new LPN work anywhere besides a nursing home?

    Don't forget factories in the occupational role. We are currently looking for an LPN at my company and having a hard time finding one!
  4. livingonadream

    New rn resume please help

    I think the best thing to do would look for RN Resume examples. https://www.google.com/#sclient=psy-ab&q=rn+resume+examples&oq=RN+resume+&gs_l=hp.1.1.0l4.829.1878.0.4433.,or.r_qf.&bvm=bv.48705608,d.aWc&fp=8d786327089c7a38&biw=1366&bih=667
  5. livingonadream

    can someone please look at this and tell me

    I wish you could post this is a file.
  6. livingonadream

    2nd interview

    Ah what stress that was! Got the job. Interviewing and negotiations are sooo stressful!
  7. livingonadream

    Clinical vs non-clinical job responsibilities

    Thanks everyone for your responses! I truly appreciate them. The interview and negotiation process was something very stressful and unique. I eventually did get the salary I was negotiating for and that was after mentioning a lot of the same things mentioned here! Excited to be starting soon!
  8. livingonadream

    Clinical vs non-clinical job responsibilities

    I agree! I also was dealing with the idea of "anticipated overtime during busy season" and wasn't comfortable with it at the original salary they proposed. I talked with several people through 4 interviews and eventually it was my soon to be boss that came through for me. He actually listened and HR wasn't. Then again this is a new position to the entire organization so I can see why HR was not understanding.
  9. livingonadream

    Clinical vs non-clinical job responsibilities

    I agree. I posted vaguely and tried to summarize what the general situation was. I need to make a point to them that it wasn't going to be less responsibility. I honestly think every nurse, no matter what position, has responsibility.
  10. livingonadream

    Clinical vs non-clinical job responsibilities

    Sorry, I agree, I posted vaguely. After re-reading my post, I think that I was intending to say that I felt my responsibilities would not be less but of a different area of responsibility. They made the statement that they thought my responsibilities would be less as I was out of the hospital. I argued that the responsibilities would be the same or more depending on what things are developed, (ie wellness programs, education, teaching classes) I wasn't negotiating on the area of responsibilities but more on the challenges and the hard work I am going to face. I also failed to mention that this a large company and I am the first Registered Nurse that they have in the country. They currently have a CNA in the role and also had an LPN working with the work comp aspect of things.
  11. I am currently in the negotiation process of a job offer. Of note, my experience as a nurse is mostly critical care experience of 5 years and also school nursing. The job I am being offered is for a Occupational Health Nurse position for a large company, where at the location I would work has approximately 1500 employees. The company has never hired anything higher than an LPN and hiring an RN is the first for the entire company. The negotiating has been drawn out and it is very apparent the company is very interested and wants me to work for them but they will not increase their base salary. In a conversation today, I stated that the salary being offered is not competitive to the market average and that with my experience and prospective job duties and responsibilities, that the salary should increase. I made a point to say there will be increase job responsibilities. The person I was talking to stated that several people felt as though my responsibilities would be less of a nurse working in hospital. Do you think that in certain positions there is a greater responsibility? For instance, I would be the only nurse, be the go to person for medical questions and there are no other employees who can do what I can do versus of that in the hospital. I am just perplexed why they think the responsibilities would be less. Not to confuse stress with responsibility.
  12. livingonadream

    Any advice on IV insertion skills?

    What is happening when you are starting IVs? I was a phlebotomist prior to nursing and good at IV starts. The problem I see a lot is that some nurses can't feel the veins, they expect to see them.
  13. livingonadream

    2nd interview

    Thanks for your response. The second interview was a long interview. I actually interviewed and then toured the plant. The company seemed receptive and enthusiastic. That interview was followed by a phone interview with an HR Talent Acquisition Manager and then today was another phone interview with the VP of Safety. Hopefully everyone has run out of questions. Today the HR Talent Manager talked with me on the phone and said things are looking great and hopefully everything will be through by the end of the week. Next problem is that it was originally a hourly wage job and now it's a salary. The originally asked my salary expectations, which I thought were low and kicking myself for after I told them. No one has mentioned a salary range or anything so I asked today. Yeah, even lower than my starting expectations. I am going to have to get my negotiating belt on. 50-55k is not going to work as I know I will go definitely be putting in the hours. Any suggestions anyone?
  14. livingonadream

    NTI 2012 Orlando, who's going? Visit AN Booth May 22nd-24th

    Just registered to go. Going by myself
  15. livingonadream

    Anyone going to NTI in Orlando or Vegas?

    I'm going!
  16. livingonadream

    New grad orient possibly going to get fired...Plz help!

    Do your preceptors ever do "what if scenarios" with you or "what would you do"? Get examples of 2 patients, then how they are doing, their problems. And maybe some critical things you need to see... like dec LOC or hypotension. And talk through how you would react. A lot of the time new nurses are so task oriented and not seeing the big picture or priority