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top ten reasons why we don't want a union 10. the union doesn't write my paycheck. 9. unions would rather cause problems than work together. 8. union scale means the best workers are carrying the worst. 7. the... Read More

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    Quote from mene19
    I've worked union AND non union, and until my nursing union responds to my questions about strike ethics I am not a supporter of unions. Unions are bullies. I will vote for who I want when I want. This is America. Businesses should be able to hire who they want, when they want without the threat of violence. I am a nurse--if the nurse's aide/messenger is busy and my patient needs blood I will run to the blood bank and get it--ethically, it IS my job and the excersise won't kill me. Violence, Vandalism, and Violation of civil rights during strikes must be stopped. Unions must protect workers rights WITHOUT violating their members right to disagree. If I don't agree with what we're striking for, I'm not striking.Get over yourselves, unions. You're necessary but you're not God.
    Wow. This is a mess. None of it makes any real sense.
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    As a union delegate, I am no bully. And I am not sure where you get the violence from, so I have no particular comment on that aspect. I respectfully decline to get involved in the political bru-ha-ha of that side of the union. I vote how I choose to vote, as that is my personal life, not my work life, and I am careful and mindful to differentiate the two.
    It is all in the art of negotiation. It is a well written and well executed contract. It is a no strike clause that allows negotiation some other way. It is taking multiple views into consideration and and trying to get to middle ground.

    Now. I do get that some members of some unions are dilligent and militant. But again, that is in any sort of scenario that drives a business, not exclusive to unions. (and that drives politics, the running of our country and the like).

    On a completely different note, mene19, WHY would you send a messenger to get blood that you would be ultimately responsible for?
    If this is a messenger/aide issue, I can see their point. If they get your patient's blood for you, and an adverse reaction occurs, that could be on them (ie: the timing of getting it to the floor, blood can be rendered unusable, all sorts of scenarios) which then could be on you as the licensed person......
    Strike ethics are detailed in the union contract. Get a copy, read it, ask questions for any misunderstandings or clarifications.
    I don't think there is one person who could argue that unless one is independently wealthy, we all have to work, so striking when one doesn't have a no strike clause in their union contract would perhaps be a last resort.
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    I think mene19 is a nom de guerre and that this contributor has a axe to grind , from the only other contribution they have made on allnurses , the violence they reference was based on an incident 20 years ago !, what relevance that has to do with present circumstances I don't know .If that if the only occurence of violence that can be referenced it shows their case is spurious , if nurses and their unions were so violent you should be able to find many examples to reference .
    It is a waste of time to debate this person because they have started this their second thread as an agent provocateur , simply to get a reaction .
    Although on one thing I partially both unions (and in non unionized facillities ) management should respond to nurses queries we HR policies and work place related / personel matters .
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    I love a lively debate!! LOLOLOL
    Seriously, I don't take too kindly when perhaps some fresh, new nurses read something like the OP and not have the benefit of a debate showing both sides.
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    ... nothing to debate...
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    Interesting debate going on here.
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    After reading all the posts the union nurses have left, I want to be union so,so,bad. Nursing has become horrible. Patients are suffering and nobody seems to care. The facilities short you on everything and expect you to provide impossible care. They allow things to go on and look away, until you upset someone or complain too much. Then they don't have to look to far to find a reason to fire you. After all, we do what we have to do with what they give us to work with (which isn't much). I just don't know how to go about unionising.
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    Yes, many of the unions are run by nurses!
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    yes unions are needed. as a 23 yr seasoned nurse, I only WISH I had the opprotunity to be in a union. As long as it is done correctly.(this includes LPN and RN together).
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    I worked in a non union hospital in NJ a few years ago. Nurse patient ration was anywhere from 1-8 on a good day to 1-10. We organized and went union to protect ourselves and our patients. The negoiations were long but eventually we ironed out a decent contract. Then I relocated to a "Right to work state". Big mistake. All that means, is that they have a right to fire you. Pay is poor, insurance sucks, threats all the time. How staff turn over. High nurse/patient ratios.
    So yes, unions can and do benefit nurses. We are professionals, although in any other professions we wouldn't be treated like glorified waitresses. I beleive that we need a nation nursing union. In my opinion the ANA is worthless. I'm just saying.

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