What states require only CNA license to work in a hospital?

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    hi everyone, i am new to this forum and and currently a cna student in nyc. i have a question. in nys, you need to have your
    ekg & phlebotomy certification in order to work in a hospital. does that apply to every state?

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    I do not think it applies to SD, in fact i know it does not.
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    Thanks for the response. Do you know if I can look up that information online?
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    In TN, you don't need additional certs either.
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    You don't need any additional certs in CO either.
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    Don`t even need CNA to work in hospitals in Indiana. Requirements are up to the descreation of the hospitals.
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    Thank you for your responses. Its amazing how each state differs in their rules.
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    Hello. I am in NYS. You do NOT have to have your CNA to work in a hospital. HOWEVER, most hospitals will ask that you have your CNA so they know you have been taught the basics. You will see on your certificate from the state that it is good for nursing home care and that is what you are "certified" to do. Working in a hospital will not count towards your recertification in two years.

    I had no problem obtaining my CNA then applying and being accepted into a hospital. My employer asked to see my CNA certificate and made copies for my file. My title in the hospital is Nursing Assistant. I understand some hospitals are harder to get into than others and some require that you have a year or so experience in long term care first. Good luck.
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    How was the board exam? I am nervous about the skills portion.
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    Everyone gets nervous. You will be given three skills. Remember to pull the privacy screen, watch the bedrails and make sure the bed is lowered and the patient has the call bell and your half way home. It wasn't bad at all. I had pulse and respiration, change of clothes and oral care. Study, practice and you'll be OK. Everyone in my class forgot some minor detail and we all passed.

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