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  1. Penny82

    Acne and working with patients

    I went to a dermatologist. A resident pointed out my zits one day in front of everyone and it became this big deal. Even the nurses were talking about it to me and offering me advice on what drugs to take and what not. I couldn't deal with that anymore. I just decided enough was enough and bit the bullet and saw a doctor. It took a few months, but guess what? I have clear skin now. If I do get a pimple it's not so deep and painful and goes away relatively quickly.
  2. Penny82

    If you've quit

    did you tell your residents that you weren't coming back? Things got complicated because of a medical issue and school so I had no other option but to leave my current job. Saying goodbye has been weighing heavily on my mind. I don't want to upset anyone and I feel like either way I will do just that. I already know that I won't be telling the residents with dementia/Alzheimer's because I don't want to upset them over something they won't remember/notice, but I'm not sure about the residents that are alert and oriented.
  3. Penny82


    Definitely check out UNC. My final decision is to go there for their second degree program after meeting with an adviser there. It's an awesome school. They have a 100% NCLEX pass rate and ~99% student retention. If a student leaves it's more likely to be due to a family emergency rather than not making it in the program. I'm a little biased because I'm a UNC alum, but I think it's worth the time to go visit the school and meet with an adviser. The adviser spoke a little bit about the RN-BSN program and it sounds pretty awesome too. She was a no nonsense type of lady and laid everything out there.
  4. Penny82

    Nursing schools in the Denver area?

  5. I'm not sure an accelerated program is right for me, but I already have a bachelor's degree. If you do a traditional program, are you starting over from scratch? I'm looking at UNC specifically since that's where I got my first degree and I loved the school. I'm just not sure how it would work. Could I transfer the classes I did well in and retake others along with the remaining pre-reqs I need for their program? Will they still consider my GPA from my previous degree even though I would be choosing the traditional route rather than going the accelerated route? I know I need to speak to an adviser, but it's going to be a little while before I can make it to Greeley due to work and what not. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks.
  6. Penny82

    Metro Accelerated BSN

    I got my letter yesterday. I'm on the alternates list so more waiting and wondering are in my future.
  7. Penny82

    What states require only CNA license to work in a hospital?

    You don't need any additional certs in CO either.
  8. Penny82

    What's in your CNA work bag?

    In my bag: extra scrubs, bp cuff and stethoscope, tylenol, cough drops, some kind icy hot type stuff for sore muscles, my food for the evening, wallet, cell phone, gait belt (though I put in on as soon as I get there), and sunglasses. In my pockets: resident census, pen, sharpie, eye drops for dry contacts, lip balm, and badge.
  9. Penny82

    Anyone here too "small" to become a CNA?

    I'm only 5' too and I don't have any problems. I get comments about how strong I am despite being so small all the time. It's just a matter of figuring out your body mechanics. Being short can be an advantage. It's a lot easier to get under the patient so to speak. You don't have to bend and contort your body the way a tall person might.
  10. Penny82

    Metro Accelerated BSN

    I haven't heard anything. I'm tired of waiting, but what can you do? Hopefully, we'll find out soon.
  11. Penny82


    Thanks for all of the info on both sides of the spectrum. I don't think this school is a good fit for me. Good luck to those in the program.
  12. Penny82

    Difficult showers

    I ended up asking for help and it went as well as can be expected. The resident yelled and swore at me the entire time, but that's typical for her during any type of cares. Changing her into a night gown the other day was a challenge and in her opinion warranted throwing her clothes at me and swearing at me so you can imagine how fun her showers are.
  13. Penny82


    Do any of you have any experience with Colorado Christian University. They have a BSN program that I'm interested in and they have CCNE accreditation, but other than what's on their website I don't know anything about the school. I'm not sure I want to apply or not with knowing so little.
  14. One of residents constantly has loose to watery bm due to some digestive issues. I transferred him one day and his knees gave out all of a sudden. It was all I could do to get him to the toilet and keep him off the floor. During all of this I managed to get bm all over my scrub top because his backside was covered in it since he was incontinent. I didn't realize it right away though. I'm sitting there charting and chatting with my nurse and I tell her I still had the smell of bm stuck in my nose and look down and there it is. I didn't have extra scrubs, but my hall has a washer and dryer so I washed my top. Thank goodness most of residents were in bed because I had to go around in my cami while I waited for my top to dry. During all of this our new CEO decides to do a meet and greet and she happens to come by while I'm wondering around half dressed because my scrub top was in the wash. I had to explain what happened and made a joke about of it. She laughed it off, but I was so embarrassed. Long story short, carry extra scrubs. You're probably going to need them at one point or another.
  15. Penny82

    4th night on the job and I cried all the way home

    I struggled a lot too in the beginning. It took quite a bit of time before I really felt like I knew what I was doing and I still have days where I'm not so sure. I had to ask for help with a difficult shower the other day because the resident still scares the crap out of me even though I've been working with her for months. Take it one day at a time. It will get better. You just have to be patient, which I know is easier said than done.
  16. Penny82

    Difficult showers

    I have a resident that absolutely refuses to take a shower. The other aids just take her in the shower room and do it. They usually end up getting verbally abused or worse, physically abused. I have a problem with forcing anyone to do something they don't want to do. It's their right to refuse. A few weeks ago I was working with this resident and no matter what I did or said I couldn't get her to take her shower. On Friday that week, which I have off, the resident gets a bad peri rash. Her skin was open and bleeding. I ended up getting blamed by another CNA for not being able to get this resident in the shower. It's my turn with this resident again and now I feel like I absolutely have to shower her. A lot of the problem is she scares me. I don't want to get hit. She's a hoyer lift and has contracture in her legs so I'm not sure a tub bath is a good idea. I've tried bed baths before, but she refuses that too now. Aside from taking her into the shower room and just doing it like the other aids, I'm at a loss. Never mind that the last time I tried that before we even got there she started yelling at me. What are your strategies on getting through difficult showers and talking residents into them?

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