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  1. Zalan

    Why PCT?

    LPN`s are nurses they go to school from 12 months to 18 months. LPN`s have a license and require malpractice insurance and can pass meds. Medical Assistants typical go to school for 6 months to two years. MA's mainly work in doctors office, and some my work in hospitals. In my opion MA is a big waste of money. CNA's are certified nurses aid and can work in hospitals an long term care facilities( they do grunt work). PCT are similliar to CNA's but are limited to hospitals. PCT scope of practice is decide by the hospital. In 2009 I made $9/hr as a PCA/PCT. It required no schooling, outside of a 2 week course by the hospital. Then there was a 6 week preceptor program.
  2. Zalan

    The life cycle of a CNA forum member

    #17. Does the complete opposite and becomes an EMT-B instead of a CNA. Realize there are less EMT-B jobs than CNA`s. Then argues with the people at the community college because the government pays for EMT training but not CNA.
  3. Zalan

    CNA's in the hospital setting

    In my experience it is hard for a new CNA to get a job in a hospital. I worked as a Patient Care Tech for 6 months in a level 2 Trauma Center. I worked on a Orthopedic Unit, & I was not a cna. The things that got me hired was a work history of 11 years at one place. The second and maybe more important was that I stated I was going into a nursing program. Hospitals love SNIP(Student Nurses In Progress). I`m not sayings its not possable to get on at hospital, but the odds are stacked against you.
  4. Zalan

    Two Birds with One Stone :D

    Its pretty much the same thing as an orderly. Except, you interact alot more with the children. You act as a role model, authority figure, friend, & a caregiver. You of course provide direct patient care. One minute you could be correcting their behavior the next you could be playing a game with them. The moment after that you could also be sucker punched. The age range goes from 5 to 17 from what I know atm. You basically do what the nurse tells you.
  5. Zalan

    Two Birds with One Stone :D

    Okay, this is not so much CNA or even nursing related. Today, I scored a job as a Psychiatric Attendant at a Children`s Hospital . The second thing was I past my State Exam for EMT-B . Now I have to watch the mail for 6 weeks to get it . I was thinking of pursuing a CNA class, but they offer QMA trainning. In Indiana a QMA is essential a CNA that can pass Meds. I have to find out if its the same thing since its a State Facility, & they can skip the normal rules. QMA is suppose to have 1000 hrs as a CNA, before taking the trainning for QMA. Unless, you log a 1000 hrs as a Psychiatric Attendant counts.
  6. Zalan

    extra certifications for a CNA?

    There is also QMA Qualified Medication Aide. Depending on the rules of your state after 1000 to 1500 hrs of being a CNA you can take the classes. Same thing as a CNA, but you can do Med passes. There are certifications for Dementia Care, Electrocardiagraphy, & Phelbotomy. Thats what the local community college were I live offers.
  7. Zalan

    New CNA no job..Should I take fastfood job?

    Take what ever job that you can. Have you tried a Temp Agency? You would be suprised how many Temp Agency have opening for a CNA. I`m not talking about home health care agency. I mean a real temp agency. I googled Temp Agency Rochester, NY & got this: Aerotek Adecco(they higher CNA locally were I live) ETS Staffing Express Employment Professionals Manpower Yoh Company Have you checked indeed.com, & Yahoo Hot Jobs.
  8. I have to make a decission tomorrow about working in either an Adult Psychatric Hospital, or a Childrens Psychatric Hospital. To be honest I`m not sure which would be safer to work in. I thought about the fact that I`m a father, & if a Children Hospital might mentally be harder to work at. Then there is the fact that it probable wouldn`t be as dangerous as an adult facility. However, the adult facility I already know some of the staff, & patients. This is becuase I`ve been working as a temp in a Non-clinicial position. Consider I`m a pretty good size fellow. Which would you work at an Adult facility or Pedatric facility? This is not a long term stop though. Two years I`ll be a medic that when the real fun starts.
  9. Zalan

    Looking for some Advice on a Non-nursing degree

    Thanks everone for the Feedback. I`m getting the same replies on a EMT/Medic forum I frequent
  10. Zalan

    Looking for some Advice on a Non-nursing degree

    Yes there is a Paramedic program to. I was thinking of taking this before going into the Paramedic. Didn`t feel I learned enough stuff in the 4 month Emt-B class.
  11. The School I`m attending offers a Clinical Support degree program, & just finished 2010 fall semester. One day I`d like to be a Medic, & just finished my EMT-B class with an A. I loved my Clinical rotations in the ER when it was busy, & I`m not sure about driving an Ambulance. Starting to think my niche is as an ER Tech. One day would like to go onto the Medic/RN. I`m one of those people that like to get there feet wet, before they swim. Would the below degree program be a good way to do it? Its a 2 yr program & its only about 50 credits to get through it. General Education APHY 101 Anatomy and Physiology I3 APHY 102 Anatomy and Physiology II3 ENGL 111 English Composition 3 IVYT 1XX Life Skills Elective1 - 3 MATH 1XX Mathematics Elective3 XXXX XXX Humanities/Social & Behavioral Sciences Elective3 Select 1 of the following courses. COMM 101 Fundamentals of Public Speaking3 COMM 102 Introduction to Interpersonal Communication3 General Education: 19 - 21 Professional-Technical CINS 101 Introduction to Microcomputers3 HLHS 100 Introduction to Health Careers 3 HLHS 101 Medical Terminology 3 HLHS 105 Medical Law and Ethics3 HLHS 111 Health and Wellness for Life3 HLHS 211 Nutrition 3 Professional-Technical: 18 Concentration Electives - Choose 1 to 6 Courses HLHS 106 Health Care Support Certifications3 >>HLHS 115 Pharmacology for Health Care Support3 HLHS 118 Diversity in Health Care3 HLHS 202 Community Resources 3 HLHS 203 Disability Awareness in Health Care3 HUMS 120 Health and Aging3 HUMS 140 Loss and Grief3 MEAS 242 Disease Conditions 3 Concentration Electives - Choose 1 to 6 Courses: 24 Certification - Certified Nursing Assistant HLHS 107 CNA Preparation 5 Certification - Certified Nursing Assistant: 5 Certification -Dementia Care HLHS 113 Dementia Care 3 Certification - Dementia Care: 3 Certification - Electrocardiography CARD 205 Introduction to Electrocardiography3 CARD 206 Advanced Electrocardiograph Technique3 CARD 207 ECG Externship3 Certification - Electrocardiography: 9 Certification - Emergency Medical Technician PARM 102 Emergency Medical Technician - Basic Training7.5 Certification - Emergency Medical Technician: 7.5 Certification - Home Health Aide HLHS 114 Home Health Aide 5 Certification - Home Health Aide: 5 Certification - Pharmacy Technician PHAR 101 Pharmacy Technician I 3 PHAR 201 Pharmacy Technician II3 PHAR 202 Pharmacy Technician Experiential Seminar 3 Certification - Pharmacy Technician: 9 Certification - Phlebotomy MEAS 219 Medical Assisting Laboratory Techniques3 PHLB 212 Phlebotomy 3 PHLB 257 Phlebotomy Externship 3 Certification - Phlebotomy: 9 Certification - Qualified Medication Aide HLHS 117 QMA Preparation5 Certification - Qualified Medication Aide: 5
  12. Zalan

    (Non-Nursing Degree) Clinical Support

    Any advice? Is this a question I should have asked in another forum?
  13. Zalan

    pct/nurse tech wages

    In 2009 it was $9.05/hr as a Brand New Tech in Southern Indiana.
  14. Zalan

    Write-up and Promoted all in same week!????

    1) Request a transfer to another Unit 2) Find another Job 3) Put up with it till you can get the transfer 4) Bring your concerns up to your boss 5) Rock the boat, & hope for the best
  15. Zalan

    Any tips for working a 12 hour shift?

    Before work like everone else said good shoes, water, & I prefer double thick foam inserts. After work: Epsom Salt Warm Bath Icy Hot & your choice of Pain Killer