Looking for a good stethoscope

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    I'm looking for a good stethoscope? Any ideas? Thanks in advance

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    Littman Master Classic 2 Any Littman will do though.
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    Littman all the way!!
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    Not sure if your in nursing school, but as a CNA I haven't had to use a stethoscope since I've been working. Just trying to save some money if you were buying one solely on working as a CNA. :-)
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    If you're in nursing school, I suggest a Littmann, they're wonderful! If you're not in nursing school and plan to actively work as a CNA, I don't think that you need to worry about stethoscopes. Most places provide them if they have you do manual bp.
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    I have a Littmann Classic II S.E. got it for around $70. It's been great so far!
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    I have a littmann cardiac III. I love it. I'm able to hear things other people can not.
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    I have a Littman cardiology III and love it. It was kind of expensive, but stethoscopes will last you for many years!
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    I am a CNA, working home health/hospice for my local med center. They did provide me with a stethoscope but I couldn't hear a thing through it. I ended up buying an MDF for about $25. For taking vitals, it's fabulous! Plus the company provides replacement parts for life.
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    Another vote for a Littmann Lightweight II SE. I think allheart sells them for around $50. I paid $55 for mine in a scrub shop. My mom is an RRT and left her Master Cardiologist at home one day and had to use my Lightweight and said it was every bit as good as hers, just shorter and has a plastic rather than aluminum housing around the diaphragm. Just depends on how much change you wanna spend.

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