Did follow up really help land the job?

  1. I have applied to and sent out 284 resumes (no joke, I keep a spread sheet) mostl those looooooong online application that drive me NUTS!. I am running out of places to apply. The one thing I have not done is picked up the phone to follow up on the places I have applied. I just feel like I would annoy them.

    Has anyone landed an interview just on follow up alone? Some of these places just tracking down the contact info for HR or a contact person in HR is a job in and of itself.
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  3. by   havehope
    I only applied to one job and thankfully got it. However, I did follow up by writing a professional thank you letter to them. I don't know it helped me get the job, but it certainly didn't hurt. I agree, I would not call just because I feel it is more inconvenient. They can decide to read the letter whenever they have time, when you call they have to talk to you right then and there. I'm sorry you have had to apply to many different places and jobs. Good luck and keep your head up!
  4. by   tpjpjp
    If after your interview you are handed a business card of the person you met with and it has their info on it send a thank you e-mail 1-2 days after the interview. That little gesture will make you stick out of the pool of applicants. It will also let them know you are truely interested. Two canidates that are on equal foooting it only takes one thing to tip the scale.
  5. by   Kdrenee
    I sent a thank you email to everywhere I applied. I got 3 offers, not sure if that was why, but it could've been. You never know
  6. by   JustLikeYou87
    It's always a good idea to follow up. I have sent Thank You cards to interviewer because it's another way to make you stand out. Don't be feel as though you're "bothering" them you had an interview and you want the job. Follow ups show you're interested in the position. If you don't know the HR name then just address it to HR.
  7. by   pnkgirl25
    Okay but what if you are not getting to the interview part. I'm talking about following up on online applications or resume where no face to face contact was ever made
  8. by   JustLikeYou87
    I'd you're not getting calls for interviews revamp your resume. A trick when filling out apps online is to go to the description of the position your applying for. Go to your resume and use the duties that are required (ONLY put them on your rsum if you do/done the duties!) Don't lie on your rsum. A lot of times they have keyword filters.
  9. by   JRNY13
    I was not getting any calls either, until I decided to make a cover letter that really made me stand out (I stated all my intentions and future goals including working for the same hospital long term - they love that). Also, try to clean up your resume. I was told a resume should never be longer than 2 pages as usually you only list your last 3 jobs. Try changing the font on it or using different bullet format. You never know if it will help unless you try, but I swear that is how I got my current job! I start on Monday in an Oncology unit at hospital! Good luck!

    Oh and by the way, I AM one of those people that calls back to check on the status of an application. It never hurts. Just be polite and inquire as to whether they have had a chance to review your application and tell them how interested you are in the job. Get as much in as you can while you have them on the phone. Just don't call back incessantly. That obviously, is annoying.
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  10. by   mclennan
    Check out the post I wrote recently about some dos & don'ts with regards to resumes and applications. I'm assisting with hiring and amazed no on ever follows up their online app with a paper rsum sent, faxed or emailed, and hardly ever call or email to follow up. It's people who do MORE than just fill out the online app that get our attention. And, a grammatically correct, well-formatted, professionally accurate rsum that's 1 or 2 pages helps.
  11. by   WannaBNursey
    I've called one hospital back as to the status of my online application and the HR people seemed very irritated with me. They said that they sent qualified applications to the nurse managers on the floor and if they were interested they would call you. Very short and abrupt. Since that incident I never called HR to check on an application. I did get a job at a hospital (not the one mentioned above) and I'll be starting soon pending HR approval.
  12. by   esand
    Wait, it irritates them? Ooops. I called one back today and left a voicemail because I read this topic.

    *hides in corner*
  13. by   Spika RN
    I know in my hospital they check cover letter ( no cover letter trash) grammar and spelling, and they wait a week and a half to see if they get a phone call about the position if they get a call your name goes up in the pile no call down in the pile if not out
  14. by   WannaBNursey
    Quote from esand
    Wait, it irritates them? Ooops. I called one back today and left a voicemail because I read this topic.

    *hides in corner*
    Maybe it was just this place, it felt strange tbh and I didn't think I would get a response like that. Scared me enough to not do that again though. I'm sure there's nothing actually wrong with calling HR! I was just sharing my own experience.