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Colostomy bags

  1. 0 Hello everyone,

    I am a new grad from a CNA program and have just started working at a LTC facility. My question to all of you is this: How do you not loose your lunch when changing out/cleaning out a Colostomy bag? I nearly lost it today.

    Thanks, J
    Phx, AZ.
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    1. don't fart the gas towards your face and
    2. talk to the person attached to the bag while youre emptying it. that'll distract you some and remind you not to make gross out faces while you're doing it.
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    I would buy a small container of Vick's vapor rub. When you know you're going to be changing a colostomy or even a brief from a patient/client who's left you a gift, you can rub a little bit under your nose before entering the room. Also, as all3schwa suggested, talk to the client while doing it. Mental and olfactory diversions....
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    Carry Altoid brand peppermints. Pop one in your mouth just before changing the bag. They are so strong, that will be the only thing you smell. As for getting the stool out, just put lots of chux down in case you make a mess that way you won't have to clean that up too. Just make it quick. Good luck!
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    Breath through your mouth, and don't think of it as poo, thing of it as providing assistance and comfort.
    Concentrate on the out come....I did not mean that as a pun....
    think clean!
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    They also have those Vick's vapor sticks. I keep it in my pocket when I have a pt with c-diff or a bag.You just sniff it and put the cap back on. Either that or hold my breath till I turn
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    Great advice people, Thanks! I will definately try these things.

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    I learned this one the hard way...when you remove the bag to take it and empty it in the toilet, 1) put a washcloth or small towel over the stoma, and 2) hurry. I'll never forget the sight of the resident spurting liquid bm from their stoma...I swear it went out a good three feet before it splattered all over everything.

    Also make very sure you put the clip back on the bottom, and that it's clipped securely. Fortunately that was on the resident that had pasty, infrequent, slow-moving bm, and I realized my mistake before I had a disaster.
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    I tend to breath through my mouth when emptying bags. It seems to work wonders.

    Then again I’d trade a colostomy bag for food cakes dentures any day. Dentures make me gag.
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    This may sound really strange, but smile. I read somewhere that smiling represses the gag reflex plus it's always nice to smile to the pt.
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    Breath through your mouth and do as many colostomies as you can. You will get over it and the more you do, the less smelly it will be!

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