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  1. by   Birdbr
    I'm in Southwest Wisconsin and long-term care CNAs make around $11.40+/- per hour.
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  2. by   dynoboy
    In Western North Carolina and work in the Emergency Department, base rate just over $12 w/ night differential it is closer to $15.
  3. by   Unknown member

    I'm in NH as well. Can I ask what hospital? My friend who works as an LNA in a hospital started at $11.50
  4. by   blackbird singing
    Small hospital in Ohio: Med/Surg PCA, no previous experience: 11.50 with 13.50 total shift diff.
  5. by   amywah
    I am in GA. I have not had my CNA training yet but will soon. One LTC locally offers training and they pay you 7.25 an hour while in training. Then if you pass your certification they hire you at 8.10 an hour. I certainly hope other places pay more. I will need something flexible while in school. Although for 8.10 an hour it does seem like I might as well work in fast food.... Hope for something at least 9 an hour.
  6. by   parumph
    The big bucks are on nights and weekends. $13.75/hour as a brand new CNA on weekends near Kansas City. Was working for sub $10/hr at another place (although it was managed better) and just completed their orientation when I got the offer to the other place.
  7. by   Jhely06182009
    A LTC in Atlanta,Ga offers me a cna job with no experience $9.25/h.I'm in orientation now.
  8. by   FutureANP
    That is so true....
  9. by   KittenEars
    Quote from Bug Out
    I was a CNA in AZ about a year ago.

    Acute care I was making a base of 12hr, + my 20% night diff was 14.40, plus the 10% weekend diff it was 15.60
    May I ask at what facility was this? Do you know if the pay scale is still similar to what it was in 2010? Would you recommend this facility for a new CNA?

    Thank you!
  10. by   Nchristopher
    I am in illinois and I make $20.15 an hour on day shift at a hospital. I have been there for 15 years.
  11. by   NicoV
    I'm a CNA in Colordo, started in 2014 at $9.50hr and after 1 1/2 years Im now makin $9.85hr. I got a slight raise when our facility was bought buy a new company and then my annual raise was about $.20 cents.
  12. by   julia_nneji
    Wonder what GNA's in Maryland are now making... I just became a CNA and I'm about to get my GNA license. Hopefully I'll be able to get a job that pays atleast $13 base pay with evening shift differential, hopefully $15
  13. by   julia_nneji
    Quote from KimberlyRN89
    Maryland here! When I got my CNA license I got a job at an assisted living facility making $11/hr. Now I'm working in a LTC facility making $13/hr..they're unionized so if I join it I will get a 2% raise twice a yr,plus shift differentials,etc... The PRN ppl make $15/hr
    What facility is that?