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  1. I an a dietary worker at a hospital and just came back from a shift feeling a bit like this . My day consists of any number of tasks including collecting patient's orders, helping prepare the meal trays, delivering the meal trays, setting up the pati...
  2. I am DONE :)

    Congrats! One week and semester left in my BSN. Can't wait to be in your shoes and hoping that I get there in once piece, fingers crossed. I won't say "when" I graduate I will say "if" I graduate because you are right, 1000 things could go wrong from...
  3. what are you doing during the break?

    Clean clean clean. Donate a lot of junk I don't need. Work. Volunteer. Attempt to transfer jobs at the hospital that I work at. Update my resume. Practice NCLEX questions and get prepared for boards this summer. Sleep. Spend time with my boyfriend, f...
  4. How many people did you lose?

    We started with 100 people and have 80 left at this time with one week left in third semester, however I'm sure we will loose about 5-10 after grades are posted.
  5. HOLLAH!!!

    Congrats!! So jealous, hopeful May grad here!!!
  6. Yes, as well as several of my clinical sites. A few students were car-jacked while parking this semester. As in grand theft auto: Get out of the car or we'll shoot. We are in a big city though and many of our clinical sites are in even worse areas, w...
  7. Can't stand Community Health

    I really enjoyed my Med-Surg classes and am looking forward to Critical Care next semester, which will be my last class to take. I think that I am getting a little bit of senioritis too and becoming antsy to be finished.
  8. I just wondered in anyone else shares these feelings. This class is mostly BS and the material is completely obvious. You could pass the tests without even cracking open a book. What makes this class almost painful are the hoards of pointless, long p...
  9. how are you paying

    Scholarships pay about 50%. The rest I find in loans and out of pocket. I am 80,000 in debt. Think twice before you choose loans or an expensive school like I did.
  10. ZZZZ's - Time to be honest!

    Never at work. However, I have plenty of times in nursing school. I need to be active and moving, which is part of the reason I choose nursing as a career. Sitting in a room (often for 3-4 hours at a time) that is hot and in the very early morning (I...
  11. Nursing school is such a hyper-regimented environment, and a lot is crammed into such a short period of time. The thought has crossed my mind frequently what would happen if I broke my leg, got into an accident, or had some other incident that result...
  12. How often do you get sick? More or less often than

    I am so grateful that I haven't gotten severely ill during school or work so far. This has been my biggest fear. Mono was going around last year and some students missed a week or more of class. I can't image recovering after missing so much. Thankfu...
  13. Nursing School and working

    If your parents are being so generous I would accept the help. There was and is abuse situation at my parent's house so I moved out during nursing school. Therefore I need to work. Working and going to school is exhausting and drains you. But it can ...
  14. Nursing school schedule-vent !

    I know exactly how you feel. It's tough when you have to work to pay the bills and your schedule is convoluted. There's also those unspoken days such as clinical prep time that you have to account for too. I also cannot wait until I have a completely...
  15. work load

    With 4 credit classes, I wouldn't recommend taking more then 12 credits of nursing classes. The most I've taking so far is 12 credits of nursing classes and 4 credits of a nursing pre-req I was finishing, and it was brutal.