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CNA's/PCT's how much do you make? - page 4

I have a couple interviews for PCT positions, but I have no idea what to expect as a salary. I am a student nurse in NE FL. Please tell me where you live, your experience, and how much you make. I... Read More

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    SW Florida Hospice CNA $10.75/hr w/no experience. I can't believe some are making lower, I had no idea
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    I start my first job as a CNA on Monday. I will make $10.81 plus $1.62 shift differential for nights, and an additional $1.30 shift differential for weekends, and we work every other weekend. So on weekend nights I will make $13.73, and I have no experience.
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    Unit Clerk with 6 1/2 years exp. Started at $12.56 for days and now I'm up to $16.71 for days.
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    Waco, TX; $8.25 an hour w/ just under a year exp. at the same hospital. I think most of the aides, with no experience at my hospital make 8.75. I took a pay cut because the hospital paid for my CNA class, CNA certification exam, 5.50/hr while attending class, as well as all required materials for the class.

    I was told that after a year we'd be paid 8.75, which is what they start new aides at.
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    i am a paramedic, and worked as an ER PCT in SE FL for 6 years.. started @ $8.75/hr, worked my way up to $12.33/hr. now living and working in Central NC, making $15.00/hr starting.
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    Central Western MN....$10/hr, 3 years experience..2 years at same place
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    Quote from sweetielin
    wow! some of you make more than i make as an lpn!
    yes. i'm an rn, but where i live, i know of several lpns who make from $10. to $12. an hr.
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    $11 an hour to start on day shift, with $1 shift diff on weekends.
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    Twin Cities, Minnesota
    Nursing Home w/no exp...$8.75/hr.
    Hospital after 1yr NH exp...started at 13.10/hr with $0.70 night differential, been there 2 yrs and have become phlebotomy trained, so now, with differential...
    making $14.90/hr
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    Made $9/hr at the nursing home (but we had great bennies)
    Then at the hospice I made $12 plus travel time and miles for home visits
    The hospital pays based on years of experience - By the time I got there I had two under my belt - started at 13.70.

    I've found the hospital/LTC disparity to be a pretty common thing.

    Oh, this is in SE PA.
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    western pa $11-12.05 to start depending on experience
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    pittsburgh 16.00 13 yrs experiance Im getting ready to grad from an ADN program in May
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    When I started in 1996, I made 6.50 an hour. When I left CNA in 2002 I was making a little over 10. Now that it's 2008 when I get into CNA, I wonder how much I'll make

    I live in Indiana